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Asperger Experts
People Do The Best They Can With The Emotional Capacity They Have

Asperger Experts was founded in 2012 by 2 people with Asperger's so that people on the spectrum and their families can have a safe space to connect with each other, learn best practices from people who've lived it and get guidance from experts & the wider community.

We believe that people do the best they can with the emotional capacity they have, something we call "Emotional Resource Theory".

We've seen that If you help someone with Asperger's get out of Defense Mode and gain more emotional resource, they finally have the capacity to get over their fears, connect with others, and willingly & joyfully participate in the world & find their place.

We're On A Mission

We're on a mission to change the perspective of Asperger's from one of a "disease" or disability to one of simply a different way of being.

We believe that, when given enough space & support to process through Defense Mode, people with Asperger's can do amazing things.

We believe that everyone has a right to contribute to the world, feel heard, find their people and have meaningful relationships, and it's our aim to enable that to happen for as many people as possible.

We're here to tell you that there IS hope. That it isn't too late. That, while some days (or weeks, or months) certainly will suck, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Like you, we were tired of being promised results and seeing nothing change, so we've built the world's largest hive mind of parents, teachers and people on the spectrum for 24/7, realtime, tested advice & guidance straight from those who are living it.

We're truly here for you and we believe you can do this. Better yet, let's do it together.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who Are The People Behind Asperger Experts?

Asperger Experts is run by a small team of people diagnosed with Aspergers & other mental health disorders, and led by Danny Raede (seen in the pictures above), who was diagnosed with Asperger's at age 12.

AE is the world's largest community, training & advocacy organization for people with Asperger's, their families, and the greater community with a global reach of over 500,000 through our website, Facebook page & email newsletter.

Where is AE Located?

Asperger Experts is headquartered in beautiful Seattle, WA (just a few blocks from the Space Needle!) but has over 100,000 members across 86 countries. We regularly hold both online & in person gatherings (and our world-wide community hosts events all over the planet!)

What are our credentials?

We aren't doctors or therapists or lawyers. We're people living with Asperger's every single day, helping others feel less anxious, less scared, and less stressed. We have years of experience both professionally and personally dealing both with our own issues, and the problems that our clients & customers come to us with.

I want to join the AE team, how do I go about doing that?

We're a very small team and don't hire often, so the best way to participate is by joining our community. If you are interested in getting trained & certified by us to joining AE Trainer.

How do I contact AE?

Use our contact us page, located here.

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