The AE Process: Articles On How The Asperger Experts Process Works

Simply put, the AE Process is a way for people with Asperger’s and their families to have a better life. It was created by people with Asperger’s, and has now been tested with tens of thousands of people all around the world.

They say things like:

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There are 3 main parts to successfully implementing the AE Process. These are: Community & Capacity, Culture & Connection and Change.

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Connecting with a community and building emotional capacity is the left section of the AE Process, which was created by us at Asperger Experts based off of our own experiences living with Asperger’s 24/7.


The goal of establishing a solid community and a resilient emotional capacity is to be able to handle whatever life throws at you, by being able to emotionally process and relying on the community you are a part of to support you when necessary.

This starts with setting up your support system. That may mean finding a local support group near you, relying on family members, or joining a support group like our AE+ group.

Once you’ve set up your support system, now it is time to start to build trust. You’ll want to focus on finding people you can trust within the community you’ve joined, as well as building trust with your own internal self, and the physical environment that you are in. (Learn how to build trust here.)

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Establishing a shared culture, and connecting with yourself and others is the middle section of the AE Process, which was created by us at Asperger Experts based off of our experience living with Asperger’s 24/7.

The goals of this section are to ensure that your environment is one that supports and assists you (instead of working against you), to learn effective communication skills in order to influence effectively, resolve conflict, navigate the world, and finally, to gain a deeper awareness into how your motivations, emotions, meanings and intents all align through Influence Circles to either help or hinder you in life.

It starts with ensuring that your environment is set-up to assist and support you. That means your physical environment (the built spaces in which you inhabit during the day, such as home, school, and work), your internal environment (your body & mind), and your social environment (the other people around you that inhabit those environments).

So why is creating a supportive atmosphere in each of these environments important? Well, you can get out of Defense Mode and learn to live a great life, but if you live in a dimly lit house that stresses you out because of its clutter, or you live with people that do nothing but degrade and demean you and all you eat is Hot Pockets, then learning the skills to get out of Defense Mode and lead a great life can only take you so far.

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Change is the right section of the AE Process, and it deals with knowing when to change, how to change, and what to change.


One of the most common errors & mistakes we see here at Asperger Experts is that many people are unable to be with it and hold space for themselves, so they end up trying to change the wrong thing. They often decide to fix things that aren’t actually problems, which ends up making everything worse, not better.

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