AE Process: What It Takes To Change

Change is the far right section of the AE Process, and it deals with knowing when to change, how to change, and what to change.


One of the most common errors & mistakes we see here at Asperger Experts is that many people are unable to be with it and hold space for themselves, so they end up trying to change the wrong thing. They often decide to fix things that aren’t actually problems, which ends up making everything worse, not better.

This section of the AE Process starts with understanding the mechanics of life. That means understanding the underlying philosophy that much of life is a recipe with specific rules and required ingredients, and once you understand that recipe and how things, people, etc. really work, then it’s just a matter of following the recipe to get the desired result.

Once that is done, your next step should be to learn how to troubleshoot. In my opinion, troubleshooting is one of the best and most useful skills I possess because it allows me a very unique and effective framework in which to view problems and come to solutions. You can learn how to do it here.

During the process of troubleshooting, you will need to course correct often. Think of it like flying a plane: You don’t just take off towards your destination, take a nap en route, and hit the mark. Pilots are constantly course correcting left and right to make sure they arrive at their intended destination. You should employ the same tactics in your everyday life.

Above all, make sure to fully commit yourself to the discipline of change. When you look at the root of the word discipline, it means “to be in service to”. So make sure that you are always committing yourself to the service of a strong, positive idea that serves you. Discipline is an outward AND inward practice. More on that here.

Finally, it may help you to get a coach or mentor that can help you gain some outside perspective, get unstuck, and move forward in your life. Learn how to find a coach or mentor that works for you here.


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