The AE Process Overview: A Step-By-Step Guide To Helping Someone With Asperger's

Simply put, the AE Process is a way for people with Asperger’s and their families to have a better life. It was created by people with Asperger’s, and has now been tested with tens of thousands of people all around the world.

They say things like:

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There are 3 main parts to successfully implementing the AE Process. These are: Community & Capacity, Culture & Connection and Change.


The entirety of the AE Process DOES NOT need to be implemented at once to see results. Pick 1 box, implement it, then pick another.

The more you implement, the more results you’ll see.

Here's a video that explains the entire process:

The Community & Capacity piece refers to the ability to have a solid support system and community, as well as an ability to emotionally process the day’s events (and grow your emotional capacity in the future).

The Culture & Connection piece refers to your environment (both physical and relationship wise), your ability to have effective conversations and your ability to align your Influence Circles.

Finally, the Change piece refers to the ability to successfully change what you’d like to change in life, as well as learning to troubleshoot and course correct when needed.

Start with whatever piece you feel suits you best, and then move to the next. We suggest you move from left to right: Establish a solid foundational community and emotional capacity, then work on Culture & Connection and finally learn how to effectively change.

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Asperger Experts is a transformational media company based out of Seattle, Washington that enlivens, empowers and educates people with Asperger's, their families, and the communities in which they live.

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