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AE Trainer - Teach The AE Methods

AE Trainer
‍‍Teach The AE Methods

Make a career out of helping individuals & families on the spectrum.
Includes Everything In AE Pro, AE+ & Basic Membership
$8500 + $100/month
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Leverage Our Curriculum & Experience

Get in-depth training on all aspects of our process & method. Leverage our life & professional experience to help others understand Asperger's.

Training & Certification

Deeply understand Asperger's, Defense Mode & Emotional Resource Theory, and show others that you are AE Certified.

A New Perspective

Our method differs from many, since it focuses on emotional capacity, rather than behavioral skills.

Evidence Based Practices

Understand the science, research & personal experience that the AE Process is based off of. We'll walk you through the "behind the scenes" research that we don't normally talk about with our lay audience.

We're In This Together

Once you are AE Certified it'll be in our best interest to promote your work. When you succeed, we all do.

Our Reach, Your Talent

Plug into our world-wide reach of hundreds of thousands of AE members to get noticed and hired.

Featured Listing

Get a featured listing in our resource directory so that you can be noticed, recognized and valued.

Regular Referrals

We get requests for speaking gigs and workshops all over the world (and online too), and aren't able to make it to as many as events as we'd like. As an AE Certified Trainer, we'll pass those requests on to you.

Guidance Every Step Of The Way

We're here to help in any way we can. Get direct access to the founders & the AE Staff to answer any questions you may have.

Always Happy To Help

Have a question? Need something clarified? We're here to support & help in any way we can.

Case Consults

Stumped and in need of a different perspective for a tough case? Hop on the phone with us and we'll help you get unstuck.

A Real Relationship

We value real, deep relationships with all AE Trainers, and host regular get togethers and workshops, both online and in person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AE Trainer for?

AE Trainer is for those that want to make a career out of bringing the AE Methods and Process to people around the world. If you are serious about learning our perspectives & methods, and ready to make a difference in the world, this is the program for you.

Is there any long term contract or commitment?

No, however in order to stay current in your certification, there is an small ongoing monthly fee of $100/month.

Do you offer CEUs?

Not yet, but we plan to offer them in the near future. We'll notify you when we start to offer CEUs.

Whats the difference between AE Trainer and your other membership options?

Great question! We've assembled this handy chart that describes all the differences between our membership options.

Have a question that wasn't covered? Click the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen to get in touch.
Have a question that wasn't covered? Tap the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen to get in touch.
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