Rising Above

We are masters of our own happiness. We can choose to mope and throw a pity party, or we can step up and decide to be happy. Snuff out your insecurities, twist your negative outlook on life into a positive one, and eliminate the word ‘can’t’ from your vernacular. These actions all fall under the definition of “rising above.” Those who rise above the trials and tribulations of daily life and make a conscious decision to be happy are not only more pleasant people, but they can teach others to be like them.

Unfortunately, most people don’t rise above. They are so comfortable hanging suspended in a state of unhappiness and fear, never even attempting to change. There is a strange familiarity associated with unhappiness, and many people don’t want to stray from the only feeling they know. They go about their mundane activities with their guards up and feeding off of the world’s negativity. I call this “happiness purgatory.” Instead of wanting incredibly happy lives, they are just fine with everything being OK, but not great.  They like the purgatory they have sentenced themselves to. When someone challenges this and says something like, “Say, Bob, I’ve noticed you live an unhappy life. What would you say if I told you I can show you how to turn it around and be a happy person?” Most likely, our scapegoat, Bob, would respond with a scowl, “I’m happy just the way I am. Who are you to change who I am?” As you can see, Bob has no intention of changing because he’s comfortable being unhappy! See how messed up that sounds?

The most difficult part is engaging in activities that initiate change, so take baby steps. For example, those who struggle with their physical appearance can step up to a mirror and say, out loud, “Damn, I look good.” Saying it out loud is the key. Don’t just think it. Say it. Your brain remembers it, and will immediately get to work on making sure you know it’s true.  That’s a small thing you can do every day to increase your self-esteem and truly rise above your dissatisfaction and discomfort.

The best part of all of this? When you make the necessary changes in your everyday life and begin to grow, you will attract likeminded people who share your motivation and determination. Like attracts like, right?

Rising above is not easy. In fact, it is one of the single most difficult decisions we can ever make. Why, you may ask? It all goes back to the comfortability in familiarity concept. If you are comfortable the way you are, you most likely won’t  have the desire to change. And most people, as sad as they are, don’t want to be happy because they don’t know what truly being happy feels like.

If you are reading this and are committed to positive change, you are already miles ahead of the majority of the world’s population. You have the drive, now take action. Tell yourself how good you look, never, EVER say ‘can’t'(all that does is place a limit on yourself), and instead of focusing on negative outcomes or situations, say three positive things that could come out of your day. See where I’m going with this?

To rise above is to take everything the world throws at you and hold your ground, not letting the little things break you. When you learn to do this, your quality of life and your sense of self-worth drastically improve.





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