Tapping The Motivational Well

Watch this. We didn’t create it, but it is an amazing video, and well worth your time:

Imagine how well this same concept could work with YOUR child.

Imagine if you really spent some time working on a plan to make this work (it would probably only take you an hour).

I’m betting you could get unbelievable results with this, and it wouldn’t be that hard.

…. Especially if you made the activity hyper-specific to what they are already interested in.

In fact, you could probably use this as your key “leverage point” to start busting down the barriers in between you and truly understand and connecting with your child.


3 thoughts on “Tapping The Motivational Well

  1. Thanks, guys! This is what I love about ya’ll, that ‘outside the box’ approach to seeing EVERYTHING! Now… I just have to figure out how to use Ryan’s love of marine creatures to implement this concept.

  2. Sweet! Now to see what to do with the info — perfect that the video was science. Liam has failed Biology 2 times now. And it’s photosynthesis that throws him. Unfortunately rap isn’t his thing — he’s a rock’n roller. WE will see. I love the concept! Thank you!

  3. Hey guys- thanks for this video! I have been a home school parent-educator for most of the past 26 years and this is a technique I’ve used successfully with my ADHD and ASD children.

    A key point to consider from the video: the instructors referenced how “short” the actual teaching time was and I want to encourage parents and family members to consider my own experiences–

    Traditional “instructional/intervention” types of methods focus on presenting many detailed directed facts or processes. Instead, I have used the overview approach as in the video– just present a couple of interesting general bits of data, then gradually expand that ONLY when my child seems ready to ask questions, shows interest in getting the new info.

    When we ‘play’ around the learning experience, instead of me presenting it with demands in the old educational style with my child practicing and using repetition, it has been less stressful for our whole family.

    In other words, in my home school environment with my ASD kids, we don’t worry about getting ALL the data at once, just a brief intro/overview to a couple of concepts, then we trust that immersing the facts into a special interest area, there’s NO PAIN, NO DEMAND AVOIDANCE!

    Example: My son Nate LOVES Minecraft. He HATES writing assignments. So I let him read his brains out about various blog entries, chat discussions regarding Minecraft. THEN, he decided to build entire complex structures which included detailed signs for various modes of his structures.

    His ‘writing’ became grammatically correct with high vocabulary and complex sentence structures! All in Minecraft, lol! It worked and he’s a great reader and writer — that took two years skill growth, but that’s the beauty of home education– tailoring the education to the child.

    Now we give him reading assignments on various topics that are no longer than 3-10 minutes in length with no problems. He also will complete math assignments on his own, in a reasonable time-frame (Danny, I so related to your 5 hour math assignments!).

    Hope this is encouraging to you all — great concepts like this just require openness to using your energy differently and focusing on the goals with an open mind.


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