Teaching Conscious Decision

We came across a really sad fact recently: 80% of people with Autism & Aspergers are unemployed. That is WELL above the national unemployment rate.

What is the difference between the 80% that don’t have a job, and their own life, and the 20% that do? Read on:

We’ve been talking recently about what to do when your child is ready to go out into the world, and how to handle that.

It’s a scary time! Government services generally stop at 18, and there isn’t really a guidebook that tells you what to do.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have tons of guidance and mentors throughout our college years, but sadly, this isn’t the case for most people with Aspergers.

They go into the world clueless, scared, and having no idea what to do. So, they end up letting life happen to them, instead of living their life.

We were having a great discussion on our Facebook Page on Friday about ‘Conscious Effort’ and how that is soooooo important for people with Aspergers to engage in.

Example: Hayden tells a joke, and no one laughs. He gets quite embarrassed. Instead of going “oh well, I guess I am doomed to have horrible social skills.”, he should make a conscious effort to make a study of what jokes work, and how to improve his communication.

We HIGHLY encourage you to start practicing ‘Conscious Effort’ with your Aspergers son/daughter.

Sit down with them, and talk to them about how to actually go out and study the things they want to get better at.

As simple as that sounds, not many people with AS understand that concept.


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