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Young adulthood is hard for almost everyone, and it can feel even harder when you have autism. It can often feel like the world isn’t made for us. Here, I will share my attempts at navigating it, and maybe it can help you through (or, if nothing else, you can laugh at my mistakes).

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How I Learned to Love my Younger, Weirder Self

Since I can remember, I have hated looking back at the child I was. I look at my childhood and I cringe, and for the longest time I have had the resounding thought that I was a stupid kid. I was stupid, weird, and ugly, and that's why other people made fun of me. That's what I thought, for years. But it wasn't the truth. Because when I was seventeen, I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. And while I hate to say it, that explained everything.  For instance, I have never understood s

Ren Hoggard

Ren Hoggard

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