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About this blog

Just poems of mine that I've written during times of struggle. 

Articles in this blog

Falling into Numb

It starts with a little push.  Life, it screws me over.  Standing on the Edge And I've fallen sober.  As I plunge into the Darkness below- I feel numb.  I feel nothing.  I feel so  Empty.  All emotion is void  And there's nothing I can do.  But fall endlessly.  Fall into Numb.  Where nothing is feeling.  And feeling is nothing.  Where I am nonetheless  Dead Inside Dead in all ways except physical.  I am numb.  And I've fallen deeper into

Jon Duer

Jon Duer

Vital Signs

My heart beats normal, My eyes see the same world, But my brain doesn't meet there... My mind is gone.  My emotions are dead.  My feelings are left at  Nothing but physical.  My heart keeps beating, But my emotions have  Flatlined.  I'm dead inside,  I feel disconnected.  You could call me A robot, of sorts.  I'm aware.  I'm concious.  I'm emotionless. I've lost touch with Life.  My Vital Signs Failed. 

Jon Duer

Jon Duer

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