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About this blog

Discussions among Aspys of common concerns and interests.

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How do you deal with change?

How does change affect you? I have been going through a lot of changes lately and though most of them have been for the good, as I knew they would be, I had to prepare myself as my aspy side doesn't do well with disruptions of schedule and/or environment. I can react very strongly with inappropriate anger when an unexpected  interruption occurs while I am in the middle of doing something I consider important.   So I did my best to prepare for retiring from teaching and moving from San



Trust no one - all evidence to the contrary

My father used to say, "You are the luckiest SOB I have ever known." An objective review of my life confirms his observation. And yet, my basic aspy nature is not to trust - regardless of how things are going. I am wondering if any of you have similar feelings. I have trouble letting go of control and collaborating with others. I used to do everything myself, because I didn't trust others (not even God) to do things up to my standards and attention to detail. I have spoken with others who have f



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