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You don't need to fix your emotions

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Danny Raede


I remember when I first discovered that the body had an innate ability to resolve its own issues. And what I mean by that is any time that you are uncomfortable, anxious, depressed, scared, or just plain a new sensation that you don't like, the idea is that you need to stuff it down. You need to force it. You need to manipulate it.

You need to change it. You need to fix it. You need to heal it. You need to do something about it. And I was of the same idea.

I need to take some medication and go to therapy and resists my sensations and fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, and change, and anything but just allow it. Because if I allow it, it's never going to change. If I just let it be-- if I'm uncomfortable, let's say, I'm anxious and I'm just feeling that anxiety, if I just let it be, it will just grow and grow and grow and eventually become this gigantic monster of anxiety that will then consume me. And I will have a horrible existence.

And that was the story that I told myself. And then one day that all changed when I realized that I could just do nothing in a loving way, not a passive, disdainful doing nothing, but in a very, very loving, holding space version of doing nothing. And the body and the feelings resolve themselves.

We call this “Being With That” and our new course shows you how to do it, step-by-step here.

The anxiety goes up and then goes back down of its own accord. And to actually change that in any way, to manipulate it, to control it, to suppress it, to really change it in any way is to keep it up and not down. So, paradoxically, any time you try and change these feelings, they end up staying.

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