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How to Incorporate Self-Care Into Your Routine When You’re Starting a Side Hustle




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The last several decades have brought about revolutionary changes in the jobs available and how people are able to work. In this day and age, it’s possible for someone to not only have a full-time job but also to have a side gig to bring in extra income. While the extra cash is great, juggling work, life, and self-care can be quite the task. And when you live with a condition like Asperger syndrome, there are other daily challenges you must overcome. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of practical ways that you can incorporate self-care into your routine, as long as you’re willing to put in a little effort. Here’s how you can get started.


Finding the Right Work

You’re probably great at what you do; you likely even enjoy it. You’ve learned the ropes and can accomplish the task ahead of you. But the work in and of itself can be draining and time-consuming. If you are a freelancer, the constant requirement to find the next gig and reach out to different potential employers is an extra task that should be made easier if possible. 

Freelance illustrators, for example, can find work by creating a profile with an online job board. There, potential employers can look for you. They will weigh reviews, your fees, and delivery times to determine whether you’re a good fit for the job. If so, they will reach out to you. 


Make Time for Fun

To be our best selves, our most productive, and able to conquer the day, we have to make time for the things we love. Having a job plus a side hustle can be time-consuming, but if you take the time to incorporate the things you enjoy, you will find that you work more effectively. If you don’t have a hobby that you particularly love, try some of the following.

Forming a collection of things you enjoy


Playing music

Making art




Our bodies require movement. All too often, our work leaves us indoors, sedentary, and focused on machines. We’re designed to move, and in return, all of our body’s internal systems will function better, enhancing our quality of life. If you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine then you will be better off. While a 30-minute running session or weightlifting would be great, simply taking walks, gardening, or standing while working can have massive benefits.

We all need rest and relaxation. We all need to find ways to calm down. Centering our thoughts and emotions, settling our minds, and calming our bodies makes us more productive throughout the day. A key to everyone’s mental and emotional health is sleep. It’s vital to our performance, energy, coordination, mood, physical well-being, and much more. Create a bedtime routine that enables you to get a restful night of sleep, and it will change your life.

In addition to sleep, we also need to find the time to center our thoughts, unwind, and let the day’s stressors go. For many, exercise helps release the tension. For others, medication, reading, or listening to music can be helpful. Take time to find the thing that brings you peace. 

Work and personal life are a lot to juggle. Throw in a side hustle and the challenges that come with Asperger’s, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and unproductive. That’s why it’s essential to be conscious of how you can improve your daily routine so that it boosts your overall health and well-being. Along with the advice above, keep researching other ways that you can set yourself up to succeed in your health and productivity goals. 



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