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It's only been a few days and... wow

Danny Raede



Note: The author of this letter has asked to remain anonymous, so we're posting this on their behalf.

I have 5 children 2 of which have aspergers, We have struggled for the last few years with my now 14yr old son who is aspergers.  He has been (as we now know) in full defence mode.

His school anxiety became so bad 2 years ago that he developed emetaphobia and refused to eat which resulted in dangerous weight loss and him being signed out of school on medical grounds, after a long battle he has now maintained a healthy weight but cannot face a return to school so I have opted to home educate him through his GCSE's .

Since doing this he has lost all motivation has become addicted to computer games locks himself away in his room only coming out to eat and worst of all goes into a violent meltdown if any request is made of him, this has led to a very unhappy homelife and myself now to suffering severe anxiety.

Try as I might I could not get help from the so called professionals dealing with his case they just increase or add more medication, I have searched the internet for help and advise only to find the sites complicated and full of facts about aspergers but no real answers or guidance all I wanted was to understand my boy and help him, I knew I needed to change how I parent him but didn't have the tools and knowledge to do that.

UNTIL NOW you guys have changed our lives already and I have only being following your guidance for a few days, I know I have probably started in the wrong order but I have been reading your 7 easy steps to motivate first and WOW !!!!! Samuel has engaged with me as we read it together, he joined me in the lounge last night to watch a funny movie and we laughed together, and today I tried to implement my new found skills AND he has polished the lounge and emptied the dishwasher !!! NOT ONLY THAT but once he had finished he took himself to his room and worked on his English lesson AND completed his tutor marked assignment with absolutely no prompting !!!!!!.

This may not seem a lot to you guys but for me this has reduced me tears (not where he could see me) and is a game changer I am bursting with pride and happiness and love and now feel with your help I could have a happy healthy relationship with my son and help him. I am under no illusion that this is a permanent fix and know there is a long path of trial and error ahead but with your support and advice i know its a journey we can make.

I have purchased all 4 of your courses and I am starting the defence mode one next but just wanted to say THANKYOU THANKYOU you guys really are a life line to us parents.



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