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I have never been impacted by any experience as much as I was at an Asperger Experts seminar

Danny Raede



Note: The author of this letter has asked to remain semi-anonymous, so we're posting this on their behalf.

Dear Asperger Experts;

I recently flew from New Jersey, to Seattle, to attend your two day seminar with my 15 year old son who is on the autistic spectrum.

I am a physician and have practiced for 16 years, at some of the most prestigious institutions in the country..  I have attended countless seminars and conferences watching presentations of the most innovative advancements in my field.  I have never been impacted by any experience as much as I was by Asperger Experts seminar.

My wife and I have tirelessly researched autism in an effort to help our son.  We've listened to multiple speakers over the years, with impressively advanced degrees and accolades.  They were able to, without even knowing our son, describe his issues with remarkable accuracy. However, that was where it ended. There were no real suggestions, solutions, or answers, especially for teenagers.  Asperger Experts has those suggestions, solutions, and even some answers. This course should be mandatory for all families touched by autism. The course, however, goes far beyond autism. You are all LIFE Experts.

Your mere example of the adversity you have all overcome in a world convinced that success would be impossible is above inspiring.  In a system that tells parents to hope for the least and expect the worst.

The biggest mistake anyone could make for themselves and their loved one is to not attend your seminar.   Thank you for all your massive efforts to bring this to us. You are an incredible team!

I was truly left speechless and hopeful.

With greatest thanks and sincerity,




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