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Why I Wanted To Be A Writer And Dealing With The Priorities That Get In The Way Of My Writing




Here's what you need to know about me. I'm 23 years old and I have high-functioning autism. With my autism, I would feel trapped like I don't know what to say or don't know what to do or don't know what to think that it causes me to shut down. Despite the highs and lows in having autism, what makes me who I am as a person is that I have a wild, endless imagination as well as a greater sense of curiosity. With that imagination and curiosity inside me, I was meant to do something creative the first time I picked up the pen. Growing up, my parents would always encourage me to be open to the world around me and explore endless possibilities. So when I was 6, I first got into drawing. Drawing was an old interest of mine but the first time I got into drawing gave me a strong attention to detail such as the colors, shapes, designs, and prints. But I wasn't good enough to draw professionally. So then I switched to writing.

Writing has been a therapy for me to help me express myself. According to my therapist, writing can help slow down your thoughts. One time, I got very depressed with myself that I started to turn to creative writing as a hobby. When I first got into creative writing as a hobby, I couldn't come up with any ideas on what to write about. This is a condition called writer's block. But then I got some help from one of therapist's aides, and she gave me a writing book called 642 Things to Write About. The book helped me heal my writer's block as it made me come up with my own style of writing called "improv writing" and this type of writing is where I find random articles to write about when inspiration strikes.

Being a great writer means putting in the time, and I'm still starting out small to grow tall. Even though creative writing can be a fun hobby for me, I realize I'm putting too much time on creative writing when I'm at home than when I'm at the therapy center from Monday to Thursday. Yesterday, I did creative writing at home for 7-8 hours that it caused me to not get a good sleep last night, which made me wake up late and miss my bus to the therapy center this morning. My mom was very upset about it that it caused me to be more honest with myself. Even though hobbies can be fun, it's important to also have priorities in life to keep you busy, such as work, family, and your health. They say your health is your wealth. Every time I'm at the therapy center, I always stick to my priorities first such as playing with kids who are on the spectrum just like me, working on and studying Autism Internet Modules (AIM), and chores. It's good to stick to your priorities because it helps you get the job done fast as hard work pays off so you can have free time doing what you love to do. This is called reinforcement. My therapist always reinforce me in managing my own time every time I'm at the therapy center. Another priority I have outside of therapy center is homework for voc rehab to help me find a job. If I have a hobby that I feel most passionate about, which is creative writing, no one should take that away from me because that makes me me. But sometimes when I take time doing hobbies, such as creative writing, I learn that less is more because spending too much time on hobbies can also be a waste of time, even at home. So now I need some help from my parents on managing my time wisely when I'm at home. The way my mom got upset at me for staying up so late last night and missing the bus made me learn to stick to my priorities first everyday, both at home and at therapy center.



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