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How I Keep My Hands Off My Face Amidst Coronavirus Concerns




The Coronavirus on the news is driving me crazy right now. This brought me back to the Ebola outbreak back in 2014. These outbreaks remind me of the Flare from The Maze Runner, where the kids get sent to maze to see if they were immune to this virus. This makes me wish I was immune to both Ebola and the Coronavirus. If someone in my hometown got tested positive for the Coronavirus, I would quarantine myself in my house and not take the bus to work to prevent myself from getting that virus. Or should I say that being autistic, I would shut down myself into defense mode and not take risks getting out of the house because I DON'T WANNA GET THAT DAMN CORONAVIRUS. When I go to the therapy center during these concerns, I would try not to touch other people's hands to keep my hands clean. My hygiene is my health and they say your health is your wealth. 

To prevent yourself from getting the Coronavirus according to the CDC, it's important to practice good hygiene. Shower or bathe at least one or twice a day. Always wash your hands with hand soap as well as hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol. Also, it's important to keep your hands off your face. With my autism, I always touch my face frequently on my face just to scratch it. But the concerns of the Coronavirus caused me to change my habits with touching my face. Before those concerns, I used to have a bad habit of fidgeting my sideburn. But I stopped fidgeting thanks to the classic aversion therapy technique of snapping a rubber band on my wrist. I figured out the best way to keep my hands off my face is using a clean tissue to wipe it or scratch it or both if I want to stay healthy and well. You should also keep your hands busy too by using something to fidget. To me, I'm currently using a rubber band to play as an instrument after I got that suggestion from a kid at the therapy center.

Starting tomorrow, every time I go to the therapy center Monday through Thursday, I'm gonna bring a mask with me to wear every time I get on the bus to the therapy center and then back home to keep myself safe and healthy.

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