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Adjusting to the New Normal As Things Are Slowly Starting To Reopen




Things are slowly starting to get better because we've flattened the curve. Restaurants, small businesses, and churches have reopened. Speaking of churches, last Saturday was my first time I went to mass at church with other people besides my family. While at church, we had to wear masks to continue to slow the spread of this coronavirus and protect ourselves. We also had to be signed in by the usher for a seat.

When things start to reopen, I was still scared to be outside of places while adjusting to this new normal. With my autism, it's hard for me to adjust to this change about this mysterious unknown because if I have to wear a mask in public, I'm still scared. But my mom told me not to let fear control me. She knows that I have the perseverance to succeed and for better days to come as perseverance is key. I wish I could still stay in quarantine until this pandemic ends, but I have to be exposed to what's going on in the world right now so I won't shut down during these uncertain times. Being independent involves facing the real world.

The day before my parents' anniversary was an emotional moment for me. We had a small social distancing celebration with some Filipino family friends, and it made me cry because I haven't had company in a celebration since quarantine. These Filipinos make me feel anxious and cranky during these celebrations, especially when I want a space of my own.

Even though life is not perfect based on our original expectations, we have to move forward. We have to face the dark and tough times in order to find the light. Even though I persevered throughout this pandemic, I wish for a miracle to happen that this pandemic would come to an end for better days to come.

Before I go back to the therapy center as the world starts to reopen, I'm gonna take some time to recuperate by taking care of my mental health so I can be a positive example for these kids. I just completed AIM while in quarantine, and I just started on RBT training. I missed out on some good stuff that I worked so hard for rewarding myself because of the obstacles that got in my way, such as RBT training as my #1 priority and my mental health. Even when I missed out on stuff, I can negotiate about it and be patient for it to come to me. I asked, and one day, I will receive it.



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I wish a miracle would happen too. But slow and steady wins the race. That is all there is too it. 

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I hope for a miracle that this pandemic would end before Christmas this year. 2020 has been full of setbacks so far this year that I hope 2021 would be the perfect comeback for the world.

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