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How do you deal with change?




How does change affect you? I have been going through a lot of changes lately and though most of them have been for the good, as I knew they would be, I had to prepare myself as my aspy side doesn't do well with disruptions of schedule and/or environment. I can react very strongly with inappropriate anger when an unexpected  interruption occurs while I am in the middle of doing something I consider important.


So I did my best to prepare for retiring from teaching and moving from San Diego to Oregon this summer. Now these changes are  usually stressful for anybody, and I handled the strain of packing, travel and setting up in a new home during the Covid pandemic about as well as most people seem to. But, I did so with a constant sense of fear. Sometimes it was a mild feeling of unease, at times a more prevalent sense of fearfulness, and, once I got here to this paradise of a new home, unaccountable panic attacks.  I felt like one more change or unexpected event would be the death of me. I literally feared for my life. 


I was gentle with myself and my NT wife was very supportive. After 6 weeks I've now settled into a very pleasant and productive routine. I share this story in hopes that others in this community will share theirs.



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