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At a point shortly before Asperger Experts was created in 2012, we had a thought, "I wish I knew this 5 years ago!" Our courses & books are the way of making sure that nobody repeats our mistakes. They are created by people with Asperger's & their family members who have lived through it all. Think of it like a shortcut: We've figured out what works, what doesn't, what to embrace, and what to avoid at all costs.

If you are wondering where to start, and which courses to buy first, make sure you've read through the AE Process to understand our philosophy, and then start with the foundational courses below. We also highly encourage you to join AE+, because you'll find that doing this together is a heck of a lot easier than doing it alone.

All Asperger Experts Courses & Books Include:

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    Try out any of our products for an entire year. If you aren’t completely thrilled with the results you see, just email us. We’ll give you a full refund with no hassle, no questions, and nothing to send back. As it should be.

  • Full Transcripts

    Read along, highlight and make notes with full course transcripts and subtitles on every video.

  • Learn Anywhere

    Our courses & books work on any modern device such as an iPad, smartphone, kindle or computer. You can login from as many devices as you want, anywhere in the world, and download the materials to take on the go. Access never expires.

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    Once you purchase, you’ll be part of the AE family. That means support & help when you need it. Have a question about your purchase? Need help with billing or login issues? Our customer experience team is here to help you get the most out of your purchase.

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Our Foundational Courses

These 4 courses make up the foundation of the AE Process, which is what all of our work is based off of. We consider the 4 concepts of getting out of Defense Mode, Aligning your Influence Circles, Being With It and building a strong Foundation of Communication to be the most important skills anyone can learn in the Asperger's world.

Deep Into Defense Mode: Get out of Defense Mode to reduce overwhelm & shutdown, and build trust and confidence

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Some of what you'll learn in The Deep Into Defense Mode Course:

  • Tools & strategies for feeling comfortable: Our favorite forms of therapy & meditation that make an immense difference
  • The Freeze Loop: Why people with Asperger's stay stuck and scared for years (or even decades) and how to end the cycle
  • Gut health: How does your diet affect Defense Mode.. and what can you do about it?
  • Limbic hostility: The fear of being judged is real. Here's what it actually does to a person (and how to deal with it the right way)
  • The surprisingly simple & controllable way to get someone else out of Defense Mode
  • And a lot more

Influence Circles: How to help people with Asperger's do things because THEY want to (Not because you are forcing them to)

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Some of what you'll learn in The Influence Circles Course:

  • How to easily motivate yourself or your child to do life tasks without arguing or fighting (homework, chores, hygiene, etc)
  • Red Line VS Blue Line: Which type of influencer are you? (Red leads to struggle, stress & suffering, while Blue leads to ease, love & trust)
  • When the plan fails: When to step back & change course... and when to keep pushing
  • Reward and punishment doesn't work in the long term, but Holistic Influence does (we'll teach you how to use it)
  • And a lot more

Foundations of Communication: How to talk so people with Asperger's will listen (and listen so they will talk)

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Some of what you'll learn in The Foundations of Communication Course:

  • Step-by-step instructions for starting a conversation in a way that helps the other person truly hear & internalize your words
  • What to say in difficult conversations, and how to diffuse when it gets into extreme or violent territory
  • What to say so they listen the first time (and you don't have to repeat yourself)
  • The Weekly Meeting: How to get buy-in, adjust when necessary, and collaboratively problem solve with the entire family
  • Avoid the 6 most common mistakes (like trying to learn communication skills without having a shared language)
  • And a lot more

Be With That: A simple process to feel less stressed, more comfortable, and less anxious

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Some of what you'll learn in The Be With That Course:

  • Why you should never try to fix the uncomfortable thought (and where to focus instead)
  • How to "be" and allow your feelings to happen (and why you should!)
  • The easy way to resolve overwhelm, anxiety or uncomfortable feelings in the moment
  • Building connection: How to connect with the things that matter in your life (and why you would want to)
  • Deep Listening: How to help people with ASD feel safe by listening in a specific way
  • Ice, Trees & Meditation: Simple techniques to get scared less
  • And a lot more

Courses & Books For Families

These courses & books are designed to work with the dynamics that exist within families. We suggest that the parents go through these courses, implement them and then have the kids go through the courses if they want to. You'll find guidelines for which ages each course is appropriate for on that courses "More Info" page.

The Responsibility Agreement: The easy way to get someone with Asperger's to want to do chores, homework & other tasks

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Some of what you'll learn in The Responsibility Agreement Course:

  • How to co-create expectations in a certain way so that everyone is happy & committed
  • What to do when someone refuses to follow the agreement that has been created
  • How to set up consequences for both sides so that everyone feels safe and heard
  • Plenty of examples, including using the agreement for homework time
  • Step-by-step how to set up a Responsibility Agreement
  • And a lot more

10 Biggest Parenting Mistakes: The biggest mistakes parents make when parenting someone with Asperger's... and how to avoid them

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Why We Wrote This Book:

People contact us with their amazing stories of hope, optimism, challenges, and growth. Our customers, friends and clients astound us with their authenticity, creativity, and honesty. We are humbled and grateful that we can learn from these incredible and vulnerable stories. This is truly a fantastic journey.

We see threads and patterns throughout these stories, and they resonate with our own, so we decided to capture some of those threads here. These are perspectives from school age children, adults who remember being children, adults who are parents themselves, and community that supports our families and each other. We are extremely fortunate to see so much insightful experience.

It is our hope that through reading this book and learning of the 10 big mistakes, you can make life for your family just that much better.

Courses For People On The Spectrum

These courses are designed for individuals on the autistic spectrum (diagnosed or not) to go through. We've designed these from our own personal experiences of living with Asperger's, and they are delivered in a way that people with Asperger's can understand and relate to.

Thrive: How to live a fully independent, functioning & thriving life

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Some of what you'll learn in The Thrive Course:

  • What to do when you can't seem to breakthrough (and always feel stuck)
  • Why you always fall back on your established habits... whether or not they help you (and how to finally change them)
  • The difference between goal setting & goal getting... and a simple system for achieving your goals in life
  • The easy way to always know what to do next to move forward in life
  • Stress: How avoiding it actually makes it worse... (and what to do instead)
  • And a lot more

Courses & Books For Specific Situations

These courses are designed to give you help & guidance with specific situations like picky eating or life after high school. If your situation isn't listed, join AE+ and ask our support group for help. Chances are they've been through it before and can offer a ton of pointers.

Launch: A proven roadmap for navigating life after high school

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Some of what you'll learn in The Launch Course:

  • Why young adults with Asperger's spend all day in their room (and what to do about it)
  • How to influence & motivate them... without saying a single word
  • A simple way to set expectations and get buy in from all members of the household (and get the follow through too!)
  • 3 ways to set boundaries and hold your ground... without fighting, yelling or bribing
  • Contingency planning: What to do when the plan falls apart
  • And a lot more

Here's What Works: Tested & proven therapies, techniques, strategies and tools that work for people with Asperger's

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Why We Wrote This Book:

One of the most frustrating things about having Autism (or for that matter, seeking to become a healthier and more effective human being) is the incongruency between what people claim will help, and what actually helps.

Often we hope that a certain therapist or medication will be the answer we've been looking for.. and it turns out that it just makes things worse.

It gets extremely frustrating and sometimes you lose hope.

The good news is that there ARE therapies, treatment modalities, vitamins, supplements and ways of living life that DO make things better. We should know. Our job is to try and evaluate these ideas, and bring to you the best of the best, as demonstrated through our personal experience of living with and parenting people with Asperger’s. This book is a collection of everything that we've tried, validated and confirmed its effectiveness.

Picky Eating: The easy way to help people with Asperger's expand their eating choices, try new foods, and have fun doing it

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Some of what you'll learn in The Picky Eating Course:

  • Our favorite ways to build trust in food and have fun at the same time
  • Test your assumptions: Understanding the difference between your food story and reality
  • What expectations to have during this process, and what expectations to avoid at all costs
  • Self sabotage: The biggest mistakes that people make that just makes them even more picky
  • BONUS: Simple recipes & cooking philosophies we use on a daily basis
  • And a lot more