Here's What Works

Tested & proven therapies, techniques, strategies and tools that we've seen work for people with Asperger's

Why We Wrote This Book

One of the most frustrating things about having Autism (or for that matter, seeking to become a healthier and more effective human being) is the incongruence between what people claim will help, and what actually helps.

You interview a therapist who you think would be a great fit. Then after a few months of working with them you slowly realize that the issues persist, or it is even just making things worse, not better.

You take a new medication, hoping that this will be the one that finally helps the anxiety and/or depression, but it ends up just making things harder. You then have to go back to where you started, and try something else.

It gets extremely frustrating and sometimes you lose hope.

The good news is that there ARE therapies, treatment modalities, vitamins, supplements and ways of living life that DO make things better. We should know. Our job is to try and evaluate these ideas, and bring to you the best of the best, as demonstrated through our personal experience of living with and parenting people with Asperger’s. This book is a collection of everything that we've tried, validated and confirmed its effectiveness for us, our clients and communities.

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Is this book for you?

This IS for you if:

  • You are a parent/grandparent/caregiver of someone with Asperger's/PDD-NOS/Autism (officially diagnosed or not).
  • You are a teacher, therapist or friend of someone with Asperger's
  • You are someone with Asperger's (of any age) that wants to learn new techniques & tools for emotional regulation

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A Sample From The Here's What Works Book

At Asperger Experts, we don’t get to go home and escape from the job after 5 PM. This is our life. Having Asperger’s/Autism or raising a kid on the spectrum is a 24/7 venture. There are no breaks. We really do live it. We therefore look for and analyze what helps us. What eases our pain. What stops our suffering. We then share it with you.

In the following pages you will find a list of tools, techniques and skills that we personally test and use that have worked for us. The majority of these things WILL work for most people (when done correctly), because they are grounded in solid (albeit new) science.

Think of it like being hungry. Eating food will always solve that. There MAY, however, be distinctions in which types of food are right for you, how often you should eat, how much to eat, etc. That depends on the individual.

So when we recommend things like getting more Vitamin D if you are deficient, we say that because Vitamin D works for humans in general. Our headquarters is based in the Pacific Northwest, where people are usually deficient in Vitamin D. Please, do not take our advice as medical advice. We are not doctors. This is just what we have seen work in our own lives and the lives of our clients and customers. Consult with a competent therapist and/or doctor before making any changes in your life.

We are not doctors or therapists, so please consult good ones when making life and lifestyle changes. If any of these suggestions resonate with you or your family, feel free to dive in and find out more!

And as always, thank you.

Get The Here's What Works Book

Available as a digital download ebook. Physical book coming soon!

Only $9.95

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A. It really depends on where you are in The AE Process. We highly suggest that you take a look at our overview of the AE Process here if you haven't already, and then decide from there.

That being said, this booke can stand alone, so if this resonates with you, buy it. You won't regret it.

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Get The Here's What Works Book

Available as a digital download ebook. Physical book coming soon!

Only $9.95

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