The Sensory Funnel

The Sensory Funnel: Why you should never focus on teaching someone with Asperger's social skills first (and what to do instead)

sensoryfunnelWhen you are someone with Asperger's, the world is very overwhelming. In fact it is so overwhelming that until you help them become less overwhelmed, teaching any social or executive functioning skills is almost useless.

So instead of focusing on teaching social skills (which is a top down approach), you follow the Sensory Funnel from the bottom up and start by addressing sensory overwhelm, then move up to emotional needs and beyond.

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The Sensory Funnel Guide Contains...

  • The Main Idea

    This is where we teach you each step of the Sensory Funnel, how it works, and how to help someone with Asperger’s by helping them with their sensory and emotional needs first.

  • Full Interactive Transcript

    The main content comes with a fully searchable and interactive transcript. Follow along, skip to a certain section or print for later. Everyone learns in different ways, so we want to make sure you get the information in a way that fits you.

  • Answers To Common Questions

    You’ll also get answers to real life questions asked by our AE+ support group members. We’ll go in depth and share our experiences, best practices and tips & tricks we’ve learned through our experience living with Asperger’s.

  • Guidance By People Who Get It

    Asperger Experts was created and is staffed by people with Asperger’s, parents, and caring individuals who get it, because we’ve been there. We use and implement everything we teach, because it makes our lives better too!

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