For: Parents of people with Asperger's & Teachers

How to Virtually Guarantee Your Asperger's Child's Success in School....Without The Usual Frustration And Struggle

Simple Strategies That Make Your Child's School (and Home) Life Improve Dramatically

" I am sitting here in tears as you have given me insight to a world I could have never otherwise understood.  I have watched as my son struggles and it tears my heart out.  I now may have the information to help him." -Debi P.

An Open Letter To Parents of Children With Asperger's......By Someone with Asperger's

Dear Friend,

My name is Hayden Mears, and I have Asperger's Syndrome....just like your child. If your child flounders in school and if your home life is stressful as a result, please read my story to see how I was once exactly like your child, and how I ended up flourishing and thriving in life.

The day was bright, full of promise... But this was not to be for long.

I was 13 years old. I'd received a few okay grades, my classmates had been civil with me, and the teachers were about to set us loose for the day and attempt to replenish their rapidly dwindling amounts of sanity.

The bell rang, and the kids sprang from their desks and crowded into the tiny, stuffy coatroom by the classroom door.

I hung back, as I usually did, unwilling to participate in the pushing and shoving but smiling all the same. It had been a good day.

Days like that day in 8th grade were few and far between back then, so I tackled them with as much energy and enthusiasm as our strict private school curriculum would allow.

One by one, my classmates slowly filed out of the coatroom, slinging their backpacks from their shoulders as they made their way back to their desks to pretend to listen to our teacher's final remarks.

That was my cue to go get my own things and pack up for the day. I pushed past one or two peers, but I found the coatroom empty when I arrived to collect my backpack.

I snatched my blue bag off of its hook and turned to leave. One of my classmates, a seedy, olive-skinned kid who always enjoyed picking on me, had also walked in and grabbed his backpack.

I tried to slide past him and continue on my merry way, but he would have none of that. As I attempted to pass by him, he struck me.

His fist shot forward and connected with my chest, hard, sending me flying across the small coatroom. My body smashed into the wall adjacent to the doorway, presenting my classmates with a clear view of my defeat.

I lay slumped against the wall, paralyzed with shock and embarrassment. Tears stung my eyes as I realized no one was going to help me up, no one was going to make sure I was ok.

I stared back into their stunned faces, fighting back an overwhelming urge to sob. My teacher heard the crash and rushed into the room, looking from me to my aggressor, then back to me.

“I was just defending myself, ma'am,” the boy said, feigning innocence. He was good at it, too. I scrambled to my feet, my blood boiling and eyes crimson as I glared at him. His expression was still set to, “I'm scared,” but behind that infuriating facade I could see his triumph.

My fury quickly gave way to tears, and the teacher escorted me from the room...

Situations like the one above were super common when I was in grade school, and they still happen today, possibly to your child too. Once people figured out I had Asperger's Syndrome, they decided I was an easy target and picked on me even more. I was bullied like this almost every day, my grades suffered, and I was even afraid to go to school.

What I didn't know then was that my parents struggled just as much as I did while all this was happening.

They always worried about me, and when they saw my pain, their pain and their anxiety worsened. They felt helpless and alone in their struggles, and started thinking they would never be able to give me the help I needed and the future I deserved.

Your Struggles...

My bet is that the pain my parents and I went through is very similar to the struggles you and your Asperger's child are experiencing right now. Shouting matches are probably an almost daily thing, you probably have millions of questions about your child's behavior and why they are acting the way they are, and homework is an entirely new beast.

You are likely pulling your own hair out trying to decide what to do next, and you may have find yourself at your wit's end.

I'm here to tell you that there is a way to avoid any further suffering, an incredible shortcut that makes everything so much easier.

The Shortcut

Most people struggle with helping their child with Asperger's get through school, but never really seem to want or seek help because they have no idea about this shortcut. So, naturally, they (and their child) continue to suffer, often resulting in an unhappy life for the kid.

The issues they experienced in school carry over to adulthood, affecting  any job, relationship, or happiness they may find. They become unhappy, and lose even more drive and confidence. The cycle continues, and their life ends up being one of regret and shame instead of joy and growth. It's absolutely heartbreaking. And for what? Because they had no idea that there was a shortcut that made life easier?

I've seen this a million times with clients and acquaintances dealing with Asperger's that don't know the shortcut, and it breaks my heart to see such talented people waste their school years struggling instead of truly feeling alive and happy.


Imagine school being a positive discussion topic at the dinner table rather than a word that sends your child with Asperger's into a meltdown.

Imagine finally seeing them get their homework done AND do what they want to do ALL IN ONE NIGHT.

Imagine watching them thrive socially and academically, all while working well with teachers and functioning in the classroom.

All of that and more is possible if you take this shortcut.

With this shortcut, all of those “imagines” can and will likely become reality for you and your child with Asperger's.

So What Is The Shortcut?

So, just what is this shortcut I keep raving about? How will it help you?

Here’s the shortcut: Introducing our audio program, School Success: Navigating the System for People with Asperger’s. This program is specifically designed for people with Asperger’s and you, the parent, teacher, or caregiver, who are having a tough time navigating the school system.

My business partner, Danny, and I were both diagnosed with Asperger's as kids, and we know how tough school can be if not approached correctly. We experienced rapid drops in our GPAs, we were both bullied constantly, and we both took WAY TOO LONG to do homework.

Now, we are award-winning businessmen who finished strong in high school and now work hard and experience confidence and motivation in all areas of being. We've lived this, and we endured many hardships similar to yours.

That's why our company, Asperger Experts, has decided to create and release an in-depth, revolutionary new audio program that will not only help your child with Asperger's excel in all areas of school, but that will also help you get a stronger grasp on their needs and help them grow and succeed in ANY environment.

How To Get Someone With Asperger's To Be Successful In School.....And In Life

This product covers all the bases and much, much more, giving you an honest, thorough understanding and direction while helping someone with Asperger's get through school.

As your child grows up, helping them create great habits and lasting confidence for themselves becomes more and more difficult. They become used to their various behaviors and ways of operating, and trying to shake them from that just causes more anger and resistance.

It's frustrating.

You are probably feeling frustrated, hurt, and helpless.

Why would you keep wasting your time with methods that obviously are not working when you can cut that time in half (more than that) and see lasting results in school and in all areas of life within months?

School Success gives you all of the necessary tools to help your child with Asperger's start thriving academically and socially very, very quickly.

It's the perfect shortcut you've been searching for without knowing it, and both Danny and I are extremely confident that it will be life-changing for your family.

Our Program "School Success" is split into five sections, each one going in depth about a specific issue, our own troubles with it, and how you can fix it.

Here's What You'll Learn:

Section #1: The Right School Environment

Here's what you'll learn in this section...

  • How to find which type of school works best for your child with Asperger's
  • How finding the right school can rid your child with Asperger's of their social ineptitude, increase their GPAs, and instill lasting confidence in them
  • How to properly write IEPs and ask for the accomdations your child needs
  • Whether or not to have a school aide accompany your kid

Section #2: Reducing School Stress & Overwhelm

Here's what you'll learn in this section...

  • How to quickly and effectively “fix” things at home so that school comes much easier the next day
  • The exact day structure that consistenly increases focus & productivity while decreasing arguing, frustration and stress
  • How to implement the “Responsibility Agreement”, which dissolves dissolves any type of conflict. (This will revolutionize the way you interact with your child)
  • How to discipline correctly, but kindly
  • What to do when puberty hits, and how to deal with the unique challenges it presents

Section #3: Communicating With School Staff

Here's what you'll learn in this section...

  • The foolproof way to get any teacher to listen to you so that your child gets the help they need on a continual basis
  • How to properly medicate at school
  • What our parents did that set us up for school success with 95% of our teachers

Section #4: Struggle Free Homework & Projects

Here's what you'll learn in this section...

  • How to use "chunking" to prevent your child from freaking out when getting assigned a lot of homework
  • How to get them to do homework correctly, the first time, without arguing
  • Simple systems & techniques to write papers effortlessly
  • 3 creative, but effective parenting techniques for making sure they stay on task, without the usual frustration

Section #5: Making Friends And Thriving Socially

Here's what you'll learn in this section...

  • The effective and tested method for dealing with bullies
  • Effective classroom disruption dissolving tools (No more class outbursts!)
  • How to teach your child to make friends
  • The proper way to address the constant, unrelenting texts your child may send to peers
  • 4 common mistakes parents make (and how to make sure you don't make them yourself)

In addition to the core audio course of "School Success", your purchase also includes the following bonus material, designed to supplement the main course.

Here's Everything You Get:

Core Audio Course

The core of "School Success" is the core audio course, packed with over 94 minutes of in-depth tactics, solutions, and strategies designed to help you help your child thrive and flourish in school.

School Stories: Our Struggles and Successes

In this bonus video, Danny & Hayden share their struggles and successes in school. This video is designed for people with Asperger's so that they understand that they aren't alone, and that there are others that are going through the exact same struggles they went through. Danny & Hayden talk about issues such as homework, making friends, and listening to parents, all while sharing their own personal stories (and how they resolved each problem).

For Teachers: The One Thing

This short 8 minute audio is designed for teachers to listen to, and introduces us, Asperger's, as well as the one thing that teachers can do to immensely help people with Aspergers: Making them feel safe at school. We outline our experiences, and give teachers simple tactics and strategies to implement in their own classroom.

Tons of Diagrams & Documents

We've also included downloadable diagrams and documents. From daily schedules to the Responsibility Agreement and Sensory Funnel, you will now be armed with a wide assortment of documents to help you stay on track, and easily explain your child's challenges to others.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Try out School Success risk free. If any point you feel it hasn't helped you out, just email us at and we will happily refund your money, no questions asked. See our full written guarantee below.

Risk Free, Worry Free, Legitimate, Effective Help Or Your Money Back

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Our Promise To You: It Works Or It Costs Nothing - Guaranteed In Writing

Let’s be honest: You’ve probably spent hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on therapy, programs, or products that promise to revolutionize the way your child with Asperger’s tackles school and don’t do squat. You can’t get those thousands back, which is why we’ve decided to take the “100 % risk free approach.”

Your purchase is 100% guaranteed by us. If you’d like a refund at any time, there will be no questions asked, no hassle, and no delay on our part.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

We are very much in the business of helping people, and do not want to take your money if we aren’t helping you.

All you need to do to get a refund is just email us at or call us at 1-(303) 800-6008. Even if you buy a physical product from us, there’s nothing to send back and no hoops to jump through. You have up to 1 year to take us up on that guarantee.

We are happy to provide this risk free peace of mind to you.

School Success will be going off the market to make way for new courses on August 15th at 9 PM Pacific.

That's in...


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconIs this course new information, or just the same stuff I have already heard?

    Mostly new content. We do reiterate certain essential information, but around 80-90% of the course is new material, that we have not shared with anyone except for our private clients.

  • q-iconHow long is the course?

    The core audio course is roughly 94 minutes long separated into 28 separate audio tracks so that you can find exactly what you are looking for easily. The Teacher audio supplement is 8 minutes long and the video is 15 minutes long.

  • q-iconIs this right for the person with Aspergers that I work with/raise?

    School Success is for anyone that works with someone with Asperger’s on a regular basis, whether that is a parent, teacher, therapist, or anyone else in a K-12 setting. This program isn’t the best fit for those in college. The bonus DVD is right for anyone with Aspergers 10, although certain parts are good for any age, and certain parts are designed best for those of an older age. Try it out, and if the course isn’t right for you, email us at and we will refund your purchase with no questions or hassle.

  • q-iconWhere do you ship to?

    Anywhere on earth that USPS, FedEx or UPS ship, we ship.

  • q-iconIs my payment secure?

    Yes. We use industry standard encryption (SSL) and work with a company that handles all of our payments on a secure server. On the order page, you can verify that you are on a secure page by looking for “https” in the web address bar. In addition, we pay for a service that scans our website every single day for viruses, and then alerts us to any issues.

  • q-iconIf I have any questions, can I contact you?

    Absolutely! You can email us at for any questions you may have, either about the product, or anything else really. We are known for our super-fast response times.

  • q-iconWho is this course not for?

    School Success is NOT for: Persons with severe autism. People that interact with those with Asperger’s in a limited capacity. Anyone that does not want to improve their life, as well as the life of someone with Asperger’s. And obviously… someone who is not in school.

Get Started Now

Research Shows The Sooner You Act, The Better Chance For Success Your Child Has

We are confident that School Success: Navigating the System for People with Asperger's will absolutely revolutionize the way you and your child with Asperger's “do” school. It's some of our most groundbreaking stuff, and will arm you with a valuable new perspective and direction that will change everything.

Research shows that the sooner you act, the faster you'll get results. If you are still having second thoughts, that's fine. Just know that no positive change can be made until a different action is taken. And if you are struggling so much, why would you keep suffering  through inaction?

So, if you're ready for a new period of incredible growth and success at school, go ahead and purchase School Success today.

Talk soon,

Danny & Hayden

P.S. Remember, I struggled immensely in school. My parents struggled when I was in school too. But you don't have to. There is a shortcut. That shortcut is our product, School Success, that contains these five steps:

Finding the Right Environment

Reducing School Stress/Overwhelm

Communicating with School Staff

Struggle-Free Homework and Projects

Making Friends And Thriving Socially

In addition, you also get our School Stories: Our Struggles and Successes video, the 8 minute teacher audio supplement, and 100 % risk, money back guarantee.

Research shows that the sooner you act, the faster you'll get results with people with Asperger's. Click here to purchase.