Essentials: The Sensory Funnel

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The Sensory Funnel: Why you should never focus on teaching someone with Asperger's social skills first (and what to do instead)

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Common Sensory Funnel Questions

Hi Nadia,

Start by getting a new therapist. No, really. The Asperger's journey is hard enough without people that constantly tell you what your child can't do and what a horrible life they will have. At least half of the staff here at AE have been told they would never do anything with their lives (including me). Obviously, those doctors were extremely incorrect.

There's this extremely damaging misconception that you "shouldn't get someone's hopes up". Screw that.

Your child can succeed and do anything they want to in life, and you shouldn't listen to some therapist that obviously has no idea what they are talking about. Find a competent therapist who gets it and can be a partner, an advocate and someone that works WITH you as opposed to against.

Now on the other hand, if you do nothing, nothing will change (duh). So start by focusing on what we talked about in the Sensory Funnel, then head to our website to read about the entire AE Process and where to start helping your son in a way that will help him thrive in life.

You may also want to take a look at our Launch course to help your son move out and become independent, and our Thrive course to help your son get motivated and inspired to live his own best life.

Hi Denise,

Sadly this is extremely usual, so much so that it is expected. And yes, it is a real problem. It's why we decided to start Asperger Experts. Because it is laughable how little help there is that actually works in an extremely effective way. Speaking of that, we've compiled a list of everything that we personally use in our lives that we've found DOES work well for someone with Asperger's, and put it into our Here's What Works guide, which you can get here.

So where do you start? Start with what we talked about in the Sensory Funnel. Help your child by focusing on sensory and emotional overwhelm first, then move from there. Our entire process is here for you to follow along with.

Post your questions and comments below and we'll do our best to answer as many as we can.