Influence: Articles On Influence And Getting People With Asperger's To Do Daily Tasks Without Arguing

When you look at the etymology of the word “Influence”, it means “any outpouring of energy that produces effect.” Without this idea, we wouldn’t be able to change or shape our internal world, the world of others, or our relationships.

In our work at Asperger Experts, questions regarding Influence are the most asked type of question. Things like “How do I get my child to do their homework?” or “How do I stop myself from having anxious thoughts?”

A parent will try to get their kid to do homework by yelling at them or threatening consequences (outpouring of energy), but instead of being motivated, the kid will sink deeper into Defense Mode and withdraw & shut down further (the resulting effect).

Whenever we look at this system, we use the framework of Influence Circles to understand, evaluate and troubleshoot the issue. When ALL of your influence circles are aligned, the energy that you put into the specific act of influence produces the desired action (We call this the “Big Result”).

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