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Legal Community Guidelindes

These guidelines serve as the mutual agreement that everyone in our community upholds. Failure to adhere to these community guidelines may mean that you are uninvited from the community, lose your posting privleges, or other consequences as determined by the AE moderation team.

Politics & Religion

Just like in a family gathering, please refrain from discussions of politics or religion. Any comments or posts of a political or religious nature will be removed.

Potential To Make You Money

If you are going to post something that has the potential to make you money (like if you are a coach and you are sharing your services, or if you sell essential oils), then please ASK one of our friendly staff here at AE before posting.

This includes "sneaky" ways like asking people to join your special Facebook group to give them info, or DMing them, or offering free samples of something. As I am sure you are aware, people with Asperger's have a great BS meter. We know. There is no hiding.

This also includes linking to free articles/videos/content on your own personal website, where people can then purchase your products.

So please just either message a staff member or email before you post.

Threat Of Self Harm Or Harm To Others

This is a group for support & advice for daily life. If you are having a critical health, social or legal issue such as suicide, self-harm or complicated legal situation please seek qualified help. That means calling 911 if it is life threatening.

We are not psychological, legal or therapy professionals. You should always seek the advice of a professional in times of crisis. Any advice we give is for educational and informational purposes only, and not a replacement for critical life threatening immediate situations.

Some resources to look into:

Crisis Text Line

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Wrights Law - Special Education Law Advice