Never Feel Alone Again: AE+ Includes A 24/7 Support Group, Gaming Chat & Individualized Guidance To Keep You Going

AE+ Includes

  • Online & In Person Support Group

    24/7 access to a support group so you can vent, ask questions, get guidance & recommendations, and connect with thousands of others going through a similar journey.

  • Private Gaming Chat Discord Server

    Find new friends, organize video game events and play with other members in our private, moderated discord server.

  • Helpline Calls & Expert Interviews

    On our helpline calls, you can call in with your questions and get personal attention and answers from one of our coaches. You’ll also get access to a vast archive of past calls. And with expert interviews, you’ll get a different perspective from other experts and medical professionals in the Asperger’s & Autism world.

  • Course Library & Discounts

    Access to a wide selection of AE courses, guides & books included in your membership. You’ll also get discounts on other AE courses.

The Worldwide Support Group

Our online support group is the heart of AE+. Get 24/7/365 support from parents, teachers and people with Asperger's going through similar struggles, frustrations and successes.

Want a second opinion on something? Ask the group. Frustrated at the incompetence of the school administration? Vent to us. We're here for you. And if you have a question for any of us here at AE, just tag us and ask. We participate and get as much out of the group as you do.

Every Thursday we also take 3 questions from the group that deserve a little bit more attention and discuss them on our show "Asperger's Answers" that we broadcast live on our Facebook page.

Finally, take part in local in-person meetups organized by parents, teachers and people with Asperger's. From things like taco night to video game gatherings and general support group meetings, we have something for everyone. And if there isn't any meetups happening in your area, start one to find AE+ group members near you.

In short: This is your place to share your journey, connect with others, get advice, have a good laugh, complain and vent, and grow as a person. Welcome to the family.

The Private Discord Server

People with Asperger's often don't feel safe in the real world, so they retreat into the video game world. They can often spend days, weeks, months, years or even decades immersed in the video game world. However, we don't necessarily see that as a problem.

In the video game world (like Minecraft, for example), they can collaborate with new friends, learn new communication skills and process their emotions in a safe way. That's why we built our own private Discord server, especially for AE+ members.

With our own trained team of moderators in place, this is a space for people with Asperger's of any age to learn, grow, make friends, and have fun in a safe, nurturing environment that they want to be a part of.


So connect with friends, play games together and have a good time.

The Helpline Calls & Expert Interviews

When you need specific advice from us, want to run an idea by one of our staff, or just want to listen in as other parents get their questions answered, our helpline is here for you.

Helpline calls run once a week, and if you can't make the call you are welcome to email in your questions ahead of time and we will answer them on the helpline call. You'll also get an archive of all past calls.

And when you'd like to get some insight into Asperger's from other experts such as doctors, therapists & coaches, then head to the experts interviews section. This is where we interview competent professionals in a wide variety of specialities to bring their expertise to you. Topics range from diet & nutrition to creating a solid family culture and more.

In short: if you need some extra 1-on-1 help or insight, our staff are standing by ready to assist you on our weekly helpline calls. And if you'd like to delve deeper into a topic area, get a second opinion, or learn about alternative treatments, therapies and ideas, head to the expert interviews section of AE+.

The Course Library

Your AE+ membership also comes with a library of Asperger Experts courses, guides and books, written and created by people that live with Asperger's every single day (that's us!).

You'll also get 10% off all of the other Asperger Experts courses that aren't included in the AE+ course library. Here's a peek at some of the courses, books & guides you'll get as part of your membership:

Here's What WorksA guide that contains every type of therapy, tool, supplement & more that we've tried and gotten great results from. (As well as a few things to avoid at all costs).

10 Biggest Parenting MistakesA book that walks you through the 10 biggest mistakes that Asperger's parents often make, and how to avoid making them in the future.

The Hygiene Course - How to get someone with Asperger's to take a shower, brush their teeth and more, on a regular basis and without fighting, arguing or manipulating them.

The Video Game Addictions CourseWhat to do when someone with ASD is addicted to video games, how to help them do other things in the world, and guidance on when to allow them to play video games, and when not to.

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