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Asperger Experts

Deep Into Defense Mode

The easy way to help yourself or someone else get unstuck, stop being overwhelmed & process through fears.

Great For Parents, Teachers & Therapists

What Will I Learn?

The Freeze Loop
Why people with Asperger's stay stuck and scared for years (or even decades) and how to end the cycle for good.
Helping Others
The surprisingly simple & controllable way to get someone else out of Defense Mode.
Safe Spaces
How to create a place for you to let down your guard, be vulnerable (safely) and process emotional events (instead of being unable to let them go for years.. or decades).
Don't Make It Worse
The most common mistakes people make that keep them stuck in Defense Mode (and how to avoid them).

Who Is This Course For?

Great For...
Parents & Caregivers
Individuals on the spectrum who want to learn & participate
Not So Great For...
People on the spectrum that don't want to participate
Parents who aren't willing to examine their own habits & beliefs
People who are on the lower functioning side of the Autism Spectrum

Course Curriculum

1. Feelings & Sensations
Beyond The 5 Senses
The most common form of overwhelm isn't sight, sound, smell, etc.. It's actually the internal felt sense in the body. We'll unpack this in detail, and tell you what it means to you.
Tools & Strategies For Feeling Comfortable
Our favorite forms of therapy & meditation that make an immense difference
Overwhelm & Defense Mode
The most common way people with Asperger's get overwhelmed and into Defense Mode is that their feelings and sensations (both internal and external) get to be too much to handle and process in one moment. It all becomes too much and thus a meltdown is triggered.
2. The Bodymind
Vagal Tone
The most important biological measurement... that most people ignore
Gut Health
How does your diet affect Defense Mode.. and what can you do about it?
Heart Rate Variability
Simple biofeedback tools to help you regulate your heart, breathing and fight or flight response
3. Environment & Relationships
Often Overlooked
The environment is probably the most overlooked area of Defense Mode overwhelm. You can work with feelings & sensations and change your biology all day long, but if you are in a toxic, hostile and threatening environment, then nothing is going to change.
Internal Environments
How your own thoughts can be just as toxic of an environment, and what to do about it
Limbic Hostility
The fear of being judged is real. Here's what it actually does to a person (and how to deal with it the right way)
4. Specific Considerations
Helping Others
The surprisingly simple & controllable way to get someone else out of Defense Mode
Building Trust
How to build trust by joining their world and doing activities that they like (and what to do when they push you away)
Deep Listening
How to help them feel safe and secure... without saying a single word
5. Wrap Up
Common Mistakes
The most common mistakes people make that keep them stuck in Defense Mode (and how to avoid them)
Community Support
Getting out of Defense Mode alone sucks. A lot. Here's how to find a group to support you through the process
Getting Started
Where to focus on first, and what to safely ignore when you begin this process.

About Your Instructor

Danny Raede
Co-Founder of Asperger Experts
Danny Raede was diagnosed with Asperger's & ADHD at age 12, after his parents noticed him isolating and having a hard time in school. He spent most of his childhood in his room, playing video games alone. After going to college in Denver, CO, he moved to Seattle, WA to start Asperger Experts.

He now resides in his hometown of Santa Barbara, CA where, in addition to running Asperger Experts, he enjoys tacos, travel and a good book. But let's be honest here, mainly tacos.

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Questions About This Course?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the course on multiple devices?

Yes! You are free to access the course on as many devices as you want. Just login to your AE account on any modern device to start learning.

What devices does the course work on?

We support all modern devices that can access the internet. So that's things like laptops, desktops, iPads & other tablets, smartphones, etc.

Is this course for me or my children?

This course is for anyone that is interested in taking it. We highly suggest that parents go through the course first and then offer it to their kids (if they are interested at all).

We DO NOT suggest buying this course for someone in Defense Mode without going through it first yourself. It won't do much good,

Will you be sending me anything in the mail?

Nope! This is an online course which you access through your AE account. If you don't have one, we'll ask you to create one as part of the sign up process.

Have a question that wasn't covered? Email us at help@aspergerexperts.com to get in touch.
Have a question that wasn't covered? Email us at help@aspergerexperts.com to get in touch.
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