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Where To Start & What To Focus On

Learn what to focus on, where to start & what to avoid in this 8 part course that gives you clarity, confidence & calm.

Great For Parents, People On The Spectrum, Professionals

What Will I Learn?

Meltdowns & Overwhelm
What to do in the moment, what to say to help them calm down, and what to avoid doing at all costs
Perspectives & Problem Solving
How to know when there is a problem, when to push, and when to let go
Building Relationships & Trust
The 4 part plan to repair broken trust & strengthen relationships
Understanding Defense Mode
Why do they get shut down and withdraw, and what can you do about it?

Who Is This Course For?

Great For...
Parents & Caregivers
Individuals on the spectrum who want to learn & participate in the courrse
Not So Great For...
People on the spectrum that don't want to participate in the course
Parents who aren't willing to examine their own habits & beliefs
People who are on the lower functioning side of the Autism Spectrum

Course Curriculum

1. Get Clarity
What Are You Optimizing For?
Before we even start to think about getting past the obstacles that are in our way, and dealing with the problems that life gives us, it is very, VERY important to make sure we are clear on what specific actions we are taking, what we are optimizing for, and why.
Understand The Real Problem
Before we start solving the problem, we have to first make sure we truly understand it. If we continue to act on the assumption of (for example) willful defiance when the problem is that your child hasn't eaten all day (or anything else), then we end up making the problem worse, not better.
2. Get Aligned
Avoiding Accidental Sabotage
Once we are clear on where we are going and what we are optimizing for, it is time to make sure that we aren't accidentally sabotaging the process through conflicting desires & intents.
Aligning Your Intents
Often, when people fail at this step, its because they have a conflict between their outer desire and intent and their inner desire and intent. For example, let’s say there is a parent whose 25 year old son lives in the basement and plays video games all day. On one hand, they want their child to become independent and move out... but on the other hand, they might be terrified of the possibility that their child might face catastrophic failure, so...  they tend to unconsciously sabotage the progress they make so that they don't need to face the discomfort of changing the status quo.
3. Get Understanding
Emotional Resource Theory
People do the best they can with the emotional capacity they have. Thats the core understanding of this week. We'll look at the science of Emotional Resource Theory & Defense Mode, understand the biological basis for fear, stress & overwhelm, and then delve deep into motivation & capacity issues.
What To Do When
Know when to step in, when that action turns into enabling, and learn about our simple framework for knowing how & when to motivate someone on the spectrum.
4. Build The Relationship
Building Trust & Repairing Relationships
Now its time to build trust. To feel heard. To talk (and more importantly) listen. Truly listen. This is the step where we build (and sometimes mend) relationships. Where we follow the specific recipe for building trust, and where we demonstrate our caring in ways that get through to the other person.
Avoid Common Relationship Pitfalls
How to avoid common relationship pitfalls in order to stay on track, stay focused, and stay calm, confident & clear.
Deep Listening
How to help them feel safe and secure... without saying a single word
5. Sit Down & Talk
Productive Conversations
At the end of the day, rationalizing & talking with people who are currently overwhelmed & stressed isn't a good way to go about instigating change. However, at the same time, some conversations just need to happen! So how do you have those conversations in a productive way?
Conversation Strategies
Learn our simple conversational flow that acknowledges and works WITH someones overwhelm and emotional capacity, instead of against it, so you can actually move forward.
6. Now You Take Action
Creating A Plan & Taking Action
First, we'll co-create a plan together, using all the tools you've learned in the previous weeks. Then, using that plan, we'll help you take action. Consistent, dependable action.
What To Expect
We'll show you what to expect, what to focus on, and most importantly, how to make sure you have enough emotional capacity to be able to follow through on a regular basis.
7. Course Correction & Problem Solving
When It Goes Wrong
What do you do when things go wrong? How do you course correct? Instead of acting without a plan, we'll ensure you have the tools, strategies & scripts you need so that when things go wrong, you'll be ready.
Finding Solutions On Your Own
Learn how to think through the problems & stuck points you face, and be able to adjust your actions when necessary.
8. "Yeah, but..." & "What if?"
Video Game Addictions
When is it a problem, when do you need to step in, and when can you step back?
How To Say No
Setting & enforcing boundaries so you can say no, mean it, and be heard.
Common Mistakes
Avoid the common mistakes people make when working through this process

About Your Instructor

Danny Raede
Co-Founder of Asperger Experts
Danny Raede was diagnosed with Asperger's & ADHD at age 12, after his parents noticed him isolating and having a hard time in school. He spent most of his childhood in his room, playing video games alone. After going to college in Denver, CO, he moved to Seattle, WA to start Asperger Experts.

He now resides in his hometown of Santa Barbara, CA where, in addition to running Asperger Experts, he enjoys tacos, travel and a good book. But let's be honest here, mainly tacos.

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Online, Hybrid Live & Recorded Course
8 Weeks of Lessons & Q&A
Enrollment Ends on August 10th @ 9 PM Pacific Time
Sold Out

Frequently Asked Questions

Which portions of the class are live and which are recorded?

Once you sign up, you'll have access to all 8 weeks of recorded lessons. Every Thursday at 4 PM Pacific Time we'll invite you to join us for a live Q&A session where you can call in and get your questions answered by the AE Staff, and hear from others going through the course.

What happens if I can't attend the live Q&A calls?

No problem! Just email us your question and we'd be happy to help!

Can I access the class on more than 1 device?

Absolutely. You can login to your account and access the class from any modern device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc). You'll have lifetime access to the course materials.

What happens if I can't make that weeks class?

No problem! We send you each weeks lesson as a recorded lecture, so you can listen to it at your own pace. It never expires. Q&A Calls happen every Thursday at 4 PM Pacific Time and the recordings will be sent to you after.

If I'm outside the USA, can I still join the class?

Absolutely! This class is open to anyone worldwide.

Is this class for me or my child?

This class is mainly designed for parents & caregivers, however if you are someone on the spectrum or thinking about getting this course for someone on the spectrum, you'll still definitely get a lot out of it..

Have a question that wasn't covered? Email us at help@aspergerexperts.com to get in touch.
Have a question that wasn't covered? Email us at help@aspergerexperts.com to get in touch.
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