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    BodyMind Basics

    Caroline Goodell at BodyMind Basics: BodyMind Coaching and Counseling 

    Body awareness offers the profound possibility of connection - physically, emotionally, and socially. As a body awareness coach, I help individuals, families, and groups work with some basic struggles that many on the spectrum share. When one has a sense of body, self*, and emotion, there is hope for further connections - to others, to the environment, and to what is happening around you. As Danny Raede of Asperger Experts describes, “I didn’t know how to connect to my body, I didn’t know how to connect to my emotions, I didn’t know how to connect to other people, I didn’t know how to connect to the environment … and therefore I felt extremely disconnected.” 

    The simple concept, “you have a body,” isn’t always meaningful to people on the spectrum. But over time, with body awareness coaching, it can evolve beyond a concept to a tangible, felt reality. With guidance, at some point, one might suddenly understand as, again in Raede’s words, “Oh! Hey! I have all these sensations in my body that keep trying to tell me something...This is what emotions are, I guess.” 

    Parents: As a body awareness coach I work directly with you to help you guide your child to develop a sense of their body, and through that to their awareness of emotions and a sense of trust and well-being. You will learn to trust your child and read your child’s cues, and your child can learn to calm themselves, trust their experience of the world, and take care of themselves within it.

    Adults and Teens: I help you learn how to connect to your body, which helps you connect with your feelings. You will also learn to use your body as a resource to identify what is right for you and to make good decisions. You might find how satisfying and helpful it is to get to know yourself better. 

    My approach is gentle and respectful. We work together to find the best approach to serve your needs and comfort level. Meeting in person in my Seattle office is always best, but I also work with people via Skype and FaceTime. I am available to work with groups.

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