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    What we accomplish in each classroom

    We build confidence, social skills, emotional strength, and intelligence in each student.  Our teachers endeavor to identify and enhance each student’s abilities, and because of our small class sizes, we are able to create a unique strength-based learning plan for each individual. Accommodations are built into lesson plans and promoting self-advocacy is a mainstay.  We want students to develop the confidence to determine what they need and how to reach it.  We teach the whole student, incorporating social-emotional skills daily, and give each student true attention and personal time.  Walk into any classroom at Humanex and you will see comfy chairs, positive distractions, and a teacher building a relationship with each student.

    Middle School:  The Emotional-Social Growth Years

    So much brain development occurs during these pivotal years, and, we at Humanex, recognize that!  We keep the class size small; the average size class ratio is 5 students: 1 teacher.  Grades are weighted to reflect our prioritization of social-emotional growth.  During these Emotional-Social Growth Years, we maintain the following academic to social-emotional weighted grading scale.

    6th-7th grades:  50% academic + 50% life and career skills

    8th grade:  60% academic + 40% life and career skills

    High School: College & Career Prep Years

    We set the stage and prepare young minds for the next step beyond high school, regardless of their chosen path.  We strive to keep our classroom size small; the average class size is 8 students: 1 teacher.  What makes our high school classrooms uniquely different than a traditional high school setting is that you will find learning environments that vary widely and include self-directed projects, experiential learning, and mentorship programs with local businesses.  Our Transition Program is individualized to each student, with a specific emphasis on college and career preparation.  During the College & Career Prep Years, we maintain the following academic to social-emotional weighted grading scale.

    9-12th grades:  80% academic + 20% life and career skills


    Humanex prides itself in providing a supportive and structured environment in every classroom in order for students to feel safe and step out of their comfort zones to try challenging things. Our curriculum focuses on a Universal Design approach, in order to ensure that content is accessible to all learners and is aligned with Colorado State Standards. The courses offered at Humanex are designed for individual educational excellence for every student and are self-paced to ensure that students are being assessed on content understanding. Although Humanex enrolls students from 6-12 grade, the skill levels of our students vary and because of our small class sizes, teachers are able to meet each student at their academic level across content areas. Many of our students are twice exceptional (2e) and excel in one subject area while finding challenges in another. Our unique approach to curriculum and instruction allows for all students to be challenged appropriately and show growth.

    Social & Emotional Growth

    Humanex designed a program that embeds social and emotional skills development into the entire program, both inside and outside the classroom. Dr. Tom, our full-time psychologist, along with the Humanex Academy staff, take a very relational approach, focused on building skills and finding successes for each student as they navigate their day. Whether a student is focused on approaching the challenge of a difficult subject area, improved social skills, executive functioning, or improved self-regulation, we feel that an approach that works with students, “in the moment”, is the most effective way to build skills that will transfer to other situations. This starts with building an environment where students feel safe to try and struggle, and where they know they will find an equal amount of success. This is achieved by maintaining a supportive, dynamic, structured, and “real world” environment where it is possible to learn and practice these skills.

    The overall goal of the program is to ultimately make social skill instruction, the need for resilience, and skill development relevant and meaningful – and ultimately driven from within themselves. As students find success so does their confidence to take on and manage additional challenges.


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