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    • Deep Into Defense Mode
      I purchased one of your programs a couple of years ago.  Very helpful advice/information. I  really felt that the program was sincere and honest, especially since it had been developed by a young person or persons who had grown up with Aspergers.  Sharing first-hand experience with parents gave me hope for our children's future. I admire the courage that these young folks showed by sharing their life experiences with the world: they should be honored rewarded for this most-needed undertakin
      By Guest Yolanda Flanagan,
    • The Accountability Plan
      I recommend every parent bundle this course, if your child is willing. I took this course in support of my young adult son, and am thankful I did.  I was grateful to see how my lessons paralleled his.  They gave me language and insights to better encourage and support him.   I learned I must slow down and prompt him to dream more. It gave me words he needed to consider and simply try things without fearing failure. It confirmed the need to limit objectives, and helped me see the need f
      By Janet Jones,
    • Breaking Free
      Breaking Free
      This is a good course for anyone interested in being less stressed in day to day life.    It gave me more insights and encouraging perspectives on life. It helped me see the importance of vagal tone. It helped me learn to face my fears with goals and smaller goals.
      By Ryan Jones,
    • The Accountability Plan
      Thank you so much for the Accountability Plan course. I am really happy I signed up and it was a perfect flow & amount of time each week. The books, stories, and quotes mentioned got me delving into other areas which is great. I'm a medical sales rep and this training is helpful in my professional life too. The most important thing I learned is that it's essential to be out of defense mode as much as possible. I have started using strategies with my son (19) already - especially working on t
      By Susie Murray,
    • AE+ - Social & Support Club
      AE has completely changed my perspective. After receiving my son’s diagnosis, I wasn’t sure what our future would hold. Then I came across AE. Hearing Danny’s story, listening to him explain the sensory funnel and defense mode gave me so much insight and changed my perception of what Asperger’s meant. This wasn’t the end of life as we knew it, it was the beginning of being able to fully love and help my son grow with his awesome neurological wiring. Being a part of the AE+ Facebook group ha
      By Miranda Reynolds,
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