What to do if the police ask to speak to your Aspergers child

Sometimes people with Aspergers screw up. Not because they mean to of course, but simply because they say something that they shouldn’t, but they didn’t know that it was wrong.

I had one of these experiences in High School. I said something to gain approval of my peers, not knowing that it was extremely offensive. I was sent to the principals office.

But sometimes the consequences are even worse. There are rare occasions where someone with Aspergers will do something so socially inept that the police will be brought in.

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice. Seek a lawyer for that. This is for informational purposes only

So what do you do? Well, call a Lawyer first of all, then have your son or daughter watch this:



This video should, in our opinion, be shown to everyone dealing with Aspergers so they know how to handle themselves in the rare event that they find themselves being questioned by the police. Don’t let your family end up like the plot to My Cousin Vinny. Invest the hour and watch this.

One thought on “What to do if the police ask to speak to your Aspergers child

  1. I just watched this video and I have to say I agree 100%. Although I like to consider myself a law abiding citizen who has never and would never commit a crime, I do have two children ages 9 and 10 with AS and they have been in social situations already in our neighborhood that have made me cringe. This is good advice for anyone really though. Im a talker and I also failed the quiz that the professor gave..(hehe) thank you for posting this!! Good info!!


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