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Professional Yet Personal Presentations

Professional Yet Personal Presentations

When you hire AE to speak at your event, you'll get a passionate, professional & knowledgeable presentation that will delight & inform your audience, driven by personal experience & cutting edge research.
Starting at $2500 + Travel

Keynote Speeches

Impactful presentations designed to educate, inspire & entertain.
$4500 + Travel
Choose from one of the following topics or contact us to have something custom created for your audience:

Understanding Defense Mode

Great For Teachers, Parents & People On The Spectrum
Defense Mode is a state where people with Asperger's get extremely overwhelmed, shut down, and defensive. In this keynote, we'll break down what Defense Mode is, how to identify it, and how to help people with Asperger's get to a more emotionally regulated place.

Emotional Resource Theory

Great For Therapists, Academics & Medical Professionals
Emotional Resource Theory states that people on the spectrum do the best they can with the emotional capacity they have, and that if someone with Asperger's is stuck, they are missing 1 or more of the 5 essential resources. In this keynote, we'll pull back the curtain and highlight the science of ERT and how to identify and provide those much needed resources.

The Sensory Funnel

Great For School Administrators, Policy Makers & Corporations
One of our flagship frameworks, The Sensory Funnel helps you identify where to start & what to focus on when assisting people with Asperger's to reach there potential. In this keynote, you'll learn how to use The Sensory Funnel and why starting with teaching social skills is hardly ever the best approach.

Breakout Sessions & Panels

Topical & relevant deep dives that give actionable advice & guidance.
$2500 + Travel
Choose from one of the following topics or contact us to have something custom created for your audience:

Cultivating Calm

Great For Families, Parents & People On The Spectrum
If you don't relax with the same intensity to which you are stressed, you are bound to feel overwhelmed & exhausted. This breakout session is designed to teach actionable steps for people on the spectrum to cultivate calm, reduce anxiety & overwhelm, and feel better about themselves.

Asperger's & School: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Great For Therapists, Teachers & School Administrators
When helping people with Asperger's thrive in school, we've found that there are 5 common mistakes that are made that drastically affect the potential of people on the spectrum. This session is designed to highlight those mistakes and help you course correct so that you can provide the best learning environment for all neurotypes.

7 Easy Ways To Motivate Someone With Asperger's

Great For Corporations & Psychologists
Based on our book of the same name, this session will show you the 7 easiest and most effective techniques to motivate people on the spectrum in a way that doesn't involve fighting, struggle or frustration.

Private Training Workshops

Workshops designed for immense insight & actionable step-by-step guidance, with plenty of stories & examples to relate to & be inspired by.
2 days (Can be shortened if necessary)
$15,000 + Travel
Choose from one of the following topics or contact us to have something custom created for your audience:

Deep Into Defense Mode Live

Great For Teachers, Families & People On The Spectrum
Use our global member directory to find and connect with fellow community members from across the street, across the country or across the world. Sort by interest, demographics & more.

Foundations of Communication

Great For Therapists, School Administrators & Parents
Ever feel like a broken record when talking to people on the spectrum? This workshop is designed to help you learn a simple process that allows you to talk in a way that people on the spectrum will hear & digest what you have to say. It's a great way to avoid future arguments, fights & feelings of not being heard or understood.

Getting Unstuck

Great For School Administrators, Policy Makers & Corporations
We've often found our clients stuck, overwhelmed & wondering what (if anything) they can do to proceed in life, so we created a simple process to help people on the spectrum get unstuck, re-focused & ready to take on the next challenge, and in this 2 day workshop, we'll teach you what it is and how to use it.

Consulting & Custom Curriculum Development

Hire us to create a custom curriculum for your students, staff or program, tailored to your objectives and needs.
2 -3 months
Starting at $35,000
We'll develop, create & train you on a custom program specific for your group that includes:

Video & Audio Lessons

You'll have a tailor made program available online & CD/DVD/USB so that you can use it over and over again.

Worksheets & Assessments

Use our purpose-made worksheets for ensuring understanding, and our custom built assessments to measure the progress of your group as they go through each learning objective.

1-on-1 Coaching & Consulting

In addition to the training materials we provide to you, you'll also get ongoing 1-on-1 coaching with AE staff for your entire group for the length of your contract, and then free access to our weekly Q&A calls through our membership subscription for life.

2 Private Workshops

Finally, we'll fly out to your location to provide 2 private workshops to your group, where we can answer questions, provide immediately actionable advice as well as guidance and best-practices.

We have limited availability, so booking early is a good idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far out can I book?

We ask that you book a minimum of 2 months out, and a maximum of 9 months out.

Are you available for international travel?

Yes, given enough notice. Get in touch and we'll discuss. An extra fee applies for anything outside of North America.

Where are you based out of?

Ogden, UT & Santa Barbara, CA (and occasionally Seattle, WA).

Can you speak to my group via video chat?

We'd be happy to! Get in touch with us to discuss. Obviously, travel fees don't apply to speeches done via the internet and we're happy to use whatever technology you'd like.

Have a question that wasn't covered? Click the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen to get in touch.
Have a question that wasn't covered? Tap the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen to get in touch.
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