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The Accountability Plan

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An 8 week class on how to hold someone with Asperger's accountable ...without enabling, excuses, or walking on eggshells.

About The Accountability Plan

An 8 week class on how to hold someone with Asperger's accountable ...without enabling, excuses, or walking on eggshells.

Janet Jones

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I recommend every parent bundle this course, if your child is willing.

I took this course in support of my young adult son, and am thankful I did.  I was grateful to see how my lessons paralleled his.  They gave me language and insights to better encourage and support him.  

I learned I must slow down and prompt him to dream more. It gave me words he needed to consider and simply try things without fearing failure. It confirmed the need to limit objectives, and helped me see the need for much smaller, detailed steps for each.

He has already gained some confidence through experiencing some success. It reminded me to praise and celebrate them with him. 

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Susie Murray

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Thank you so much for the Accountability Plan course. I am really happy I signed up and it was a perfect flow & amount of time each week. The books, stories, and quotes mentioned got me delving into other areas which is great. I'm a medical sales rep and this training is helpful in my professional life too. The most important thing I learned is that it's essential to be out of defense mode as much as possible. I have started using strategies with my son (19) already - especially working on the very best way to address questions about projects that are important to get done (like getting a blood lab draw) and writing down the ways it could go easier (agreeing on this list together) and then not stressing (staying positive) when he says no, not this week, I'm not ready and then trying the question or a rephrase again the next week. The educator is excellent and I love that you stressed that the trust has to be there first. I am lucky and have this, but the instructor had great strategies for folks that don't have this and need to build this up.  Very helpful!

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