"It Doesn't Work For Everyone": A Question Of Readiness Rather Than Efficacy

A lot of times on our website and Facebook page we see people that say something to the equivalent of “This is great, but it doesn’t work for everyone! Each person is different. If you’ve met one person with Autism, you’ve met one person with Autism”.

And we agree to a point. But there is another side that most people miss.

Let’s rephrase “It doesn’t work for everyone” to “Not everyone is ready for it to work”


Because from the hundreds of thousands of interactions we’ve had with people, we’ve noticed some patterns that DO work for just about everyone (assuming they are ready).

Getting out of Defense Mode WILL work for everyone, because it is based in the science of Vagal Tone. And since everyone that is alive has a nervous system, it works.

However, the vast majority of people are not fully ready to get out of Defense Mode because it requires being with it, holding space for yourself and engaging in Blue Line actions (rather than red line).

To use another example: If you are eating junk food all the time and want to become healthier, switching to good, real, healthy food grown in the soil WILL work. The question is not “Will it work for me?” but “Am I ready for it to work?”

For most people, they aren’t ready for that particular thing, and thus it “doesn’t work”. That’s why we created the AE Process, so that you can find which step you are ready for and implement a change in your life that fits with your current experience and state of being.

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