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What do you do if someone with Asperger’s is addicted to video games?

First, we have to understand the cause of video game addictions. Some people would say that the screens and games are designed to pull them in and keep them addicted. Some would say that they just don’t want to be a part of the outside world. Some people have no idea.

The current widely accepted model of addiction comes from the idea that the thing that the person is addicted to (whether that be video games, cocaine, alcohol, phones, etc) is the thing that is causing the addiction.

In other words, drugs cause people to be addicted to drugs, video games cause people to be addicted to video games, etc.

And so under that assumption, treatment centers, types of therapy and all manner of programs have been created to train people not to need the “substance”.

Here’s an alternate view of “Video Game Addictions”:

Addiction is lack of connection. Put another way, the opposite of addiction is connection.  

Because people who are addicted to video games usually have a hard time connecting in the world, they turn to video games in an attempt to A) Numb the pain, and B) Connect with something that is dependable.

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