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Asperger’s is a neurological condition that causes one to become overwhelmed by sensation, be unable to connect socially with their peers, and withdraw into a world of their creation. The term Asperger’s has actually been phased out and has been replaced with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

However, we still use the word Asperger’s because it still holds a lot of meaning to people.

A lot of people still identify with the term "Asperger's", they still know what it means and they’re familiar with it, so we like to simply think of it like a Mac or PC: It’s just a different operating system. Continue reading...

In our work at Asperger Experts, questions regarding Influence are the most asked type of question. Things like “How do I get my child to do their homework?” or “How do I stop myself from having anxious thoughts?”

A parent will try to get their kid to do homework by yelling at them or threatening consequences (outpouring of energy), but instead of being motivated, the kid will sink deeper into Defense Mode and withdraw & shut down further (the resulting effect).

Whenever we look at this system, we use the framework of Influence Circles to understand, evaluate and troubleshoot the issue. Continue reading...

Why do people with Asperger’s sometimes smell like the inside of an onion that has been rotting in a graveyard for a century? Or to put it another way, why do people with Asperger’s often struggle with hygiene issues?

It’s not that they aren’t motivated. It’s not that they don’t care. Often, it’s just that they are so deep into Defense Mode that they don’t have enough energy to care.

To be clear, hygiene is on their priority list! It’s just #27, and they only have enough energy for #1-3, which would be basic life functions (eating, sleeping, etc), getting through the day (school or work), and keeping it all together. Often when someone with AS is in Defense Mode, there simply isn’t enough energy left to do anything else.

But assuming you are already helping someone with Asperger’s get out of Defense Mode, what are some things you can do to help them specifically with their hygiene? Continue reading...

This is an interview with friend of AE, co-facilitator of Deep Into Defense Mode Live, SE & Tipi practitioner, and all around amazing person, Eva Angvert Harren of BEAM LiFE coaching.

We all want happiness, we all want love, we all want connection. The problem is, many of us get in the way of ourselves. The Getting Unstuck Process is a simple way to identify and resolve the blocks that are holding you back from a full life.

When we first discovered how to get unstuck, it completely transformed our lives. The knowledge of this process is the singular most important piece of information we've ever come across in our entire lives and it has made every single part of our lives infinitely better, given us a TON more confidence & clarity, and allowed us to finally relax and be ok with who we are as a person.

Want to know more? Visit Eva's website to schedule a session, learn more, and get her book.

What do you do if someone with Asperger’s is addicted to video games?

First, we have to understand the cause of video game addictions. Some people would say that the screens and games are designed to pull them in and keep them addicted. Some would say that they just don’t want to be a part of the outside world. Some people have no idea.

The current widely accepted model of addiction comes from the idea that the thing that the person is addicted to (whether that be video games, cocaine, alcohol, phones, etc) is the thing that is causing the addiction.

In other words, drugs cause people to be addicted to drugs, video games cause people to be addicted to video games, etc.

And so under that assumption, treatment centers, types of therapy and all manner of programs have been created to train people not to need the “substance”. Continue reading for an alternate view...

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