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Asperger Experts

Community, Insights & Hope. Created By Those Who've Lived It.

Asperger Experts is a global community for advice, emotional support, best practices and finding new friends, created by people with Asperger's.

Relaxing under a tree with friends
People Do The Best They Can With The Emotional Capacity They Have

Asperger Experts was founded in 2012 by 2 people with Asperger's so that people on the spectrum and their families can have a safe space to connect with each other, learn best practices from people who've lived it and get guidance from experts & the wider community.

We believe that people do the best they can with the emotional capacity they have, something we call "Emotional Resource Theory".

We've seen that If you help someone with Asperger's get out of Defense Mode and gain more emotional resource, they finally have the capacity to get over their fears, connect with others, and willingly & joyfully participate in the world & find their place.

Filming new courses at our video studio
Leading "Deep Into Defense Mode Live" in Seattle, WA
Playing 8 player Mario Kart on a projection screen during a meetup
Parent support group & Minecraft LAN Party
Family workshop on increasing trust & reducing stress
Speaking on a panel of other experts at an industry conference
Our Membership Options

With everything from games & online support groups to an entire library of in-depth courses, scripts for situations & live global meet ups, there's something for everyone here.

We've created a safe place for you to connect, feel understood, gain some insight and make new friends along the way. With so much of the world ostracizing people with Asperger's, its time that we have a place to belong.

So join us in the AE Tribe as we share our stories, our recommendations, and our encouragement.

Explore Membership Options

A welcoming & supportive community with support groups, discussion forums, global meetup groups, games (like Minecraft and D&D) and more.

Inner Circle

Guidance, advice and courses to keep you on the right track and give you instant access to answers, scripts and checklists.

LifeGuide Coaching

Bespoke, long term 1-on-1 coaching for families on the spectrum to help get you unstuck and guide you through life.

AE Pro

Get ongoing training from those who've lived it with access to our entire course library, staff office hours, Q&A with the AE community, ongoing training & more.

Great for schools, therapists, corporations and anyone else looking for professional training and support in the world of Asperger's & the Autistic Spectrum.

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