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About Asperger Experts

We've Lived It

Asperger Experts is a Seattle, WA based media & training company that provides guidance, mentorship & training to parents, families, individuals on the Autism spectrum, and professionals, with a focus on lived, first-person experience.

Our Founding

We were founded in 2012 by two people on the Autism spectrum that were tired of looking for help and not finding anything of substance. There's a lot of well meaning and competent professionals out there giving advice about Asperger's & Autism, but the voices of actually autistic people tend to get lost in the noise. We're here to change that.


We believe that most of the issues that folks on the spectrum face are a direct or indirect result of them being in a chronic state of Defense Mode.

When given an appropriate environment, supported with dignity & given the time & space to flourish in their own time, we've seen it is never too late for people on the Autism spectrum to lead fully independent, thriving lives.

Who We Serve

Our primary audience is families with kids of the Autistic spectrum aged 8-28, however we welcome anyone who wishes to learn more about Asperger's & Autism to read our materials, take our courses and participate in our community.

Why We Still Use The Term "Asperger's"

While the term "Asperger's" has been phased out of the DSM, we still use it because we reach a global audience where they may still use the term, and because a lot of people on the spectrum still identify with the term.