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7 Easy Ways To Motivate Someone With Asperger's

Easy ways to motivate someone with Asperger's to do daily tasks & take charge of their own life... without arguing, manipulation or stress.

About This Book

"Growing up, I was what many would have considered “a parent’s worst nightmare.” I was defiant and headstrong in the most extreme way imaginable. Nearly every day was punctuated by some kind of disagreement with my parents. And by disagreement, I mean two to four hours of all-out war where everyone is screaming, a window gets broken, I’m wrestled to the ground, the police get called, and eventually I grab my backpack and run away. My therapist would likely tell you that this happened because my Asperger’s + Emotional traumas early in life = Extreme need for control ..."

This book contains 7 easy ways to motivate someone with Asperger's to do daily tasks and take charge of their own life... without arguing, manipulation or stress. It's a quick, actionable read that is based in our own experiences of living & growing up being diagnosed with Asperger's and contains tools, communication strategies and step-by-step advice you can put to work immediately.

About Asperger Experts

The people at Asperger Experts, who wrote this book, are the world's largest organization by & for individuals & families on the Autism spectrum. Every day they help thousands of families, teens, young adults & professionals navigate the complex world of Asperger's & Autism with real, first-person accounts & advice from people who've actually lived it and are diagnosed with Asperger's themselves.

This Book Will Help You...

Understand Their Overwhelm

We'll dive deep into the science of why people with Asperger's get overwhelmed, and help you understand if their current issues are ones of capacity (they can't) or desire (they won't).

Motivate Without Micromanaging

These motivational techniques are unique because they don't require you to use carrots & sticks or micromanage your child.

Know What To Say

We'll give you specific examples & checklists to know exactly what to say to motivate, connect & inspire your Asperger's child.

Build The Relationship

The motivation methods you'll learn will help you build up the relationship with your child, while at the same time helping them be more productive.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How To Motivate With Spoons
Overwhelmed & In Defense Mode
In this chapter we’ll talk about the secrets of motivating someone who is tired, overwhelmed, and deep in Defense Mode.
Language For Talking About Overwhelm
We'll also give you a new language for talking about Defense Mode & overwhelm with your child, so that they can finally express how they feel.
Understanding The Science Of Vagal Tone
Finally, we'll talk about the science of stress, recovery, resilience and Vagal Tone (which is a good indicator of how much stress someone can handle).
Chapter 2: How To Motivate By Adding Resources
Can't... Or Won't?
Here we’ll cover the specifics of identifying and addressing capability blocks that impede motivation.
3 Kinds Of Capability Issues
You'll learn to identify the 3 different kinds of capability issues, so you can know when to push & when to back off.
What To Do About It
Step-by-step guidance for addressing capability blocks (and common mistakes to avoid).
Chapter 3: How To Motivate By Adding Direction
Objectives & Goals
In this chapter you’ll learn about the importance of having specific, attainable, and clear objectives in order for your child to feel motivated.
Don't Say These Words
Specific words that people on the spectrum have trouble processing and understanding (and what to say instead).
Giving Direction Without Micromanaging
Specific ways to help people on the spectrum be more productive, without hovering or micromanaging (which usually tends to make things worse).
Chapter 4: How To Motivate Like A Scientist
The Way You See It
In this chapter you’ll learn about the greatest block to confidence & motivation: assumptions. You’ll also learn how to overcome them.
The Approach That Doesn't Work
Telling someone why they are wrong usually backfires. Do this instead.
How To Cultivate Belief In Capability
What to do when they seem to give up before they even try.
Chapter 5: How To Motivate With Just Your Mind
The Impact You Have
Here you’ll learn the unseen ways that your thoughts and beliefs will inevitably impact your child’s success, for better or worse.
Are You Enabling?
Learn to identify when you are enabling & hindering growth, and when you are truly helping & providing useful guidance & encouragement.
Overcoming Your Own Doubts
What to do if you (or your partner) have doubts about your child's abilities (and have therefore lost hope for the future).
Chapter 6: How To Motivate With Control & Choice
Choice & Autonomy
In this chapter you’ll learn the essential importance of choice, and how to offer options and autonomy to your child so that they can be genuinely motivated.
Implementing A Different Kind Of Control
Step-by-step guidance for implementing the good kind of control.
What To Do In Extreme Situations
What do you do when things get emotionally (or physically) intense?
Chapter 7: How To Motivate With Connections
Linking The Desirable To The Undesirable
Here you’ll discover the simple process of creating motivation in order to make previously undesirable tasks more palatable.
The 6 Principles
6 Principles of self-motivation (that rely on connection, not coercion).
Avoid This Common Mistake
Do too much of this, and you'll destroy your child's ability to motivate themselves.
Chapter 8: How To Get Stuff Done For Procrastinators
Make It Happen
In this final section you’ll learn the secrets of conquering the age-old enemy of productivity: procrastination.
Our Top 3 Tricks
Learn our top 3 tricks for beating procrastination and being productive on a daily basis.
Book Recommendations & Further Reading
Want to go deeper? We have plenty of book recommendations & further reading in the back of the book.

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Who is this book written for?

This book is written specifically for parents that are struggling to motivate their kids, however professionals (like therapists or school teachers). Teens & young adults on the spectrum would benefit from reading it as well.

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