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Parenting You Aren't A Bad Parent. Here's How We Know.

The AE Team

The AE Team

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Seriously. Take a moment. Breathe. Sit and absorb this message: You are an amazing parent. You know how much you have to put up with that most parents never do? They would probably crack after 1 day in your shoes.

I would say that I don’t know how you do it, but I do (and you do too!). And if you are doubting yourself remember this: We work with over 350,000 people in over 90 countries, so we’ve seen some patterns develop. The so called “bad parents” aren’t the ones reading about Asperger’s advice & help, and aren’t the ones that are seeking to get better. Thus, by the very nature of you reading these words right here, I know that you aren't a bad parent.

Paradoxically, it is always the people who think they suck that are doing much better than the people who think they are perfect.

So keep going. Keep helping your child. Keep reading emails, books and articles. Keep learning and growing. There is hope, and we are here for you the entire way.

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