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7 Easy Ways To Motivate Someone With Asperger's
Great For Parents, Teachers, Therapists, etc
This book contains 7 easy ways to motivate someone with Asperger's to do daily tasks and take charge of their own life... without arguing, manipulation or stress. It's a quick, actionable read that is based in our own experiences of living & growing up being diagnosed with Asperger's and contains tools, communication strategies and step-by-step advice you can put to work immediately.
This is a book full of stories of families attempting to navigate the bureaucracy, red-tape and frustrating logistics of helping someone on the spectrum get the help they need. In it, you'll find advice, stories & guidance from other parents as they share what worked, what they wish they found sooner, and what mistakes they've made along the way.
This book contains stories from parents of kids with Asperger's & Autism that share their experiences in finding the right fit in the schooling world for their spectrum children. There are very few books that simply share the stories and perspectives of other families, and it's our hope that this book helps you to realize that we are truly all in this together, and you aren't nearly as alone as it may seem.

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Absolutely! Please contact us and explain which books and quantity you are looking for and we will get back to you with a quote.

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